Sunday, June 25, 2006

6.25.06, Perfect Weirdness & Family

Franky Scale, maybe posting the Scale first is anticlimactic.

The phonecall that spawned a horse metaphor, someone a lame one. We discussed this at the time and that was precisely what turns it into a better than average and weird title. So it's there, yesterday. I remains today for all to see — despite that I had to turn on "Comment Moderation" as a blog function, which I hope you won't let scare you away, post! post! just post away as ever before and nearly everything will pass I promise, it just had to come up for now, not to worry — as do the comments.

The third sister post on whether the horse metaphor / comment should be taken or rather "how it should be taken" rhetorically, is simply perfect. The variety of (mis)readings that cross paths here, though not only here are fantastic when seen with sufficient psychological distance. I love it.

More on this . . . just wanted to make this observation first now here though and then. I'm going to go hunting for this dream-poem I have in a notebook somewhere called "Contemporary Family History" about all the equine characters of this mistale.

FS: 8, more good weather, warm & too sunny, breakfast & coffee. Much less unpleasure than most days, thank the Horse. Day three free of chemo drugs. Like pure enlightenment.


david said...


Hooray for less unpleasure!

But now Ima gonna hafta read all that horse stuff to try to figure out what the heck it was all about.

Family of Horses, mariya!

Slarry said...

Mr. Jones--
Families, yep they are a perfect weirdness. Oh well,
to save you the trouble of moderating my comment,
approving it or whatever, I will just send my comments to you personally to your email account.
That way you can do whatever you want to with it.
I've never been a big fan of "getting approval" but, as you like it.
Glad today is better.

Anonymous said...

i love reading mr. jones' blogs, but the posts are fun too...especially yours slarry! though i've never met you, it's nice to read responses from mr. jones' sisters...makes me feel like i'm able to see more of mr. jones. i hope you'll still post.
p.s. it's way too stinkin' hot in seattle today. i thought yesterday was bad, but i'm wiped out by all this heat. hope you're not like me and enjoying it better, mr. jones!

spacely said...

Missed your cute little butt today. First Shitney, Dayne, and I had Matthew show up then michael and whitney (with no baby, we think they left Jasmine in the car....just kidding)Then The lovely Deborah, Garth, and Ali, they came falling done the hill from kamas (camping). We had nadine's pork chop recipe...aren't you just salivating...and all sorts of other things. It's a real shocker to some people that i can actually cook. We had lots of laughter and games. And we just had to pretend we heard your laughter too. I hope you were feeling the happy family vibes. I really needed it because stupid kerry is in san diego without ME! But we will see him thursday or friday...wish you could come too. Love you, ME

spacely said...

p.s. I just noticed can't spell AGAIN!! Do you see how I spelled my daughters name ...holy heck!

tossing salads said...

finally able to post. have been so busy. i love the horse title, cuz i do feel that way. im grateful that i was born a human. i know the difficulities it brings but i also know of the absolute joy it brings. to know that we are. what a wonderful gift. the relationships, happinesses, the successes and of course the sadnesses combine to be life. i know i would not change places with a horse. ;) love you brother and thanks for the time, i enjoyed and will remember. you rock.

Slarry said...

Mr. Jones:
It is another one of your sisters--
where are you Mr. Man?
How are the numbers today?
Love and hugs--