Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Professor Scott

Some photos of Mr. Jones,
his family and friends.

We miss and love you, Mr. Monkey Man !!

A very kind note from Scott's oncologist.

Dear Scott's Family and Friends,

I am thinking of Scott today, as a year from his passing races up so quickly.
My thoughts are warm and positive about Scott. I remember him very fondly.
I of course feel regrets and frustrations about the horrible thing that cancer is,
and I wish that I could have done better for Scott. I hope you all are holding up ok.
And that you are living fully and with joy, as Scott would want, and as life demands.

My very best to you. My very best to Scott.

Sam Whiting MD

Dear Dr. Whiting,

Thank you for contacting us.
What an unexpected pleasure. We remain, as ever,
so grateful for the loving care you provided Scott.
He felt safe and confident with you and your vast skills-
and for that, and all that you did for him
we are forever grateful.

Our best to you and your family.