Tuesday, November 21, 2006

11.21.06, The Lost Comment

Franky Scale, held in suspension between 5 and 6, which feels like an improvement after the past many days. The acne/rash I've been dealing with seems to have subsided some in the past few days, but my face does still very much look a piece of modern art, a Pollock. Filled with physical traces of confusion and pressure and possibly some meaning if you stare hard enough.

One result of this is that I now look sick, visibly. This is relatively new. I looked thinner before but "great" according to most family and friends based on what they had expected after not seeing me for some time and knowing that inside me, at least, something is eating my body away. Now with this ocular proof I expect you'd be a little shaken up. This is to be expected.

Now, a lost comment. I approved a comment today, posted on the 19th by "anonymous" and it's quite enigmatic to me. It says something about "for someone who has spent a lot of time thinking about Pascals' wager, it's funny you don't apply the same thinking to your disposable income." Would Anonymous care to shed light on this for me? It's just odd, I'm still trying to piece it together. Did I post somethind financial? Was I musing on money recently? Hm. Now, too, I can't see what post of mine this was attached to. Have to search for it. Or if anyone else finds it, let me know.

OK, I found it, it's connected to the "5.23" post. I read it again. Is it a castigation? Just a prodding to think more carefully? Curious. Curious.