Saturday, October 20, 2007

WHAT CANCER CANNOT DO / a guest of M. Jones

Several people have asked if I know where they can find the quote:

Here it is. I have a Tee shirt with this quote on it,
though I must admit- "CANCER SUCKS !" remains my favorite.

Cancer is so limited
It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot erode faith
It cannot eat away peace
It cannot destroy confidence
It cannot kill friendship
It cannot shut out memories
It cannot silence courage
It cannot invade the soul
It cannot reduce eternal life
It cannot quench the spirit....


Hope this helped.
Yes, cancer is painful, horrid, senseless, tragic and
sometimes, terminal.
As dzd said in her guest blog a year ago ( ? )
be grateful for the mundane, the every day things of life.
They are precious, and often overlooked, as "gifts."

Though Pancreatic Cancer killed Scott physically, he lives on
in the hearts of all of those who know and love him.
He lives on through his words, his beautiful mind
and through all of those he inspired.

I miss my brother....