Monday, July 28, 2008

One Sister's Perspective

Written initially, as a "comment" to Scott's post on September 11, 2006.

Re-posted today, almost two years later, as another member of our family,
Has recently been diagnosed with Cancer.
This comment feels as though I barely wrote it.

I miss my brother. I miss my Mom. We all do!

I am going to fight and support my brother In-Law, and his wife
(my sister)
With every resource available. Peace and love to both of you. sas

Others, too, that I'm close to-

Have lost their Mother, Brother, Sister, Father, Son or Daughter, or a dear Friend
In the months since Scott passed away.
Countless other's are dealing with their own illness, be it Cancer or some 
other life threatening disease.
Please know, my heart, and love are being sent your way.

I will continue to fight against Cancer, whether I am donating my time, or money,
Or preparing a meal, or offering a shoulder to cry or lean on. Anything and Everything!
That is the least I can do.
It's the least we all should be doing.

Thanks to all of you who were, and remained, so supportive, kind and selfless 
in your caring for Scott.
Thanks to my friends, also, who have been patient, loving, kind, gracious-    long suffering
Who have also spread rays of sunshine, and kept my feet on the ground 
and moving forward.

As I continue the journey of redefining my life, living my life, without the blessing
Of having my Brother and Mother physically near, I can hear and feel them 
poking, coaxing and encouraging me.  I cannot help but listen.

A special thought for Kerry and Stacey Swaner Moore; I am here, just down the road a bit,
if you need ANYTHING.
Cancer is so....   what? Intrusive, indiscriminate and penetrating.
It has no manners.
I will continue to fight; raging war against this senseless disease, 
that seems to effect so many more with each new day.

My best to all of you,


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