Tuesday, June 27, 2006

6.27.06 Arrived in Gotham, Kind Of

Hi all. Not really in Gotham City but in LI instead. Close enough I think, enough some peace and quiet, however weird Long Island quiet might be, and still close enough to get into the city. More anon.

Franky Scale today, despite some longish travel, was about a 7. Not bad. I love no chemo drugs. Till Saturday, thank you cheebus.

So I'm here safe and sound, all my dear family members; someone pass this on to mom.... and I'm going to have to stop here since I'm typing words backwards and about to doze on my tracking pad. Tomorrow.


tossing salads said...

have loads. next month i will actually be a full time employee and acrue (sp) vacation time and sick time for the first time in my life. cant even imagine what being paid to be sick or go somewhere fun will be like. silly i know. im sure someone has already told the nade that you have gone. so i wont bore her with my phone call. take care. love ya

spacely said...

I will tell mom and then I'm sure EVERYONE will tell mom. So that should make her nice and crazy. Have fun in Long island. I went there a hundred years ago(give or take a few years) and they had one of their famous summer thunder storms. We barely got inside the house and lightning struck a tree probably 10 feet in front of me, split it right down the middle!!!
I thought i'd poop my pants! It was amazing! So remember if there is a thunder storm while you are there you might get a little more than WET! :0 ! How is that for a surprised face?! Love you ...me

Anonymous said...

have fun in Long Island, watch out for Limbaugh not only do you have to protect your pain meds, now he's taking somebody elses viagra...poor woody, who would want his, yuk

madame x said...

My first post

I'm not the posting type
but read diligently
of course
goody two shoes type
nervous lurker type
type type type
the academic type
I feel you can only lurk so long, however, and there are comments thanking me in the record and since I am also not the rude type I wanted to say to slarry and lefty that I enjoyed meeting them too, and that I am always here if they want to talk. It must be very hard to be so far away right now. And to all mr j's family and friends, my best and my continued quiet listening. I'm like wallpaper, the soothing kind, the kind you might need to lean on from time to time without always knowing its there. Not the kind my grandmother had in the second bedroom, which used to keep me awake at night trying to figure out if all the different blurred-new-england-y scenes were the same.

my best, mme x

Anonymous said...

Mr Jones as a regular reader from the land of zion.. I have a special request. Will you post what symptoms you were having before you were diagnosed with cancer and how long you had them? Who knows this may help somebody. look at me go .... 2 comments in one day

Anderson Imes said...

I found your website from a link on the Leroy's blog on NPR. My father has pancreatic cancer as well. I'm doing podcasts interviewing him and asking him about his experiences as he goes through treatment. I thought you might be interested. I've enjoyed your writing and I look forward to more.

Link to my father and my's blog: http://www.downloadingdad.com/

lefty said...

i'm glad you're safe and sound spot. soak up some much deserved peace. isn't it all wet there yet?
and, ya hooey cutie patooty! i'm referring to the now, new non-lurker, mme x. see what happens when the flesh and blood isn't there??! you have a lot of catching up to do. (s)larry and i just adored you on top of already loving you for being so giving and kind to our brother. i imagine you as wallpaper with a fuzzy maroon velvet pattern. cream background.
spot, you picked a good one with that madame.
please take care and be safe and say hi to everyone you see for me and (s)larry.
loves and hugs,
stepho (lefty)

roux said...

Do I have the pleasure of seeing you while you are in and around the Gotham area? Would be great...Roux

roux said...

Do I have the pleasure of seeing you while you are in and around the Gotham area? Would be great... R