Thursday, June 29, 2006

6.29.06, A Screaming Comes across the Sky, or Not

Once again, the last post, yesterday, is a novella, so this one is flash fiction. Franky Scale is a bit wobbly today, back and forth between 6 and 7. Some of the "6" portion might be due to the fact that my next batch of chemo drug #1 (of the 3), the Xeloda, which I take orally 2x a day @ 500 mg (14 lovely days of it) arrived from FedEx. (Someone might save money on the deal, I don't know & it isn't me, but my insurance company "requires" me to buy this drug through a company called CuraScript, a mail order drug company. Either buy it from them or we don't pay for it. Gee, thanks guys.) (...part, too, honestly, is GI distress and some humidty/heat adjustment...but) That could be it, all I do is see Xeloda pills and I start with my Pavlovian response, (pre)response. Remember Tyrone Slothrop from my favorite novel....? We won't push the connection too far; yet, the allusion stands.

Tomorrow's blog, I think, is either on the paradoxes of Buddhism or on why we like to, need to, use euphemism.


Frarella said...

Mr. j

No Flood - no water shall keep us apart - We shall meet up no matter
what occurs. I have quarter for you and a dream --xxo much love Frank

Anonymous said...

Dreams are strange happenings, I have been reading this blog from the start.. last night I was having dreams of this blog, of slarry and lefty, and the other sisters that I haven't met. I feel that I am in touch with Mr. jones and family. And thank you for the comments about your symptoms. have a good weekend, take naps as you need them..