Thursday, October 26, 2006

10.26.06 Update of Trivia

Very little new is happening, so I'm afraid there's not much to tell other than the day-in day-out of pain management. That seems to be the constant companion in all this, even during the alone hours and the wee hours of the night. My conclusion on the celiac block procedure is that it was a dud. I'm thinking of talking with my oncologist again, but after trying for the first couple of weeks to find some effect and solace in it, I have to admit it doesn't seem to have helped. Alas. Do I do it again? Go to sleep for another 15 or 20 minutes while they put the snake down my gullet, wait for the alcohol shot...? Hm.

Today's Franky Scale might fall in the 6 plus area. But tonight I'm getting out "on the town" determined not to be kept too down by the physical trivia. Then tomorrow Mr. Sam will arrive and I expect a very good, though mellow weekend. Not that I've had any crazy weekends for a while, unless you count moving and having your mom in town.

I'm still on borrowed bandwidth, but waiting for a DSL modem in the mail and then I expect to be back in daily annoying regularity. Till then.


tossing salads said...

ive been trying to get on but it wouldnt let me comment. so im very sorry about that. really wanted you to be as pain free as possible. sorry to hear about all that you need to worry and think about. so glad to hear that mr. sam is coming for a visit. should be a very good time. as you well deserve. love you

spacely said...

Hey spot-the cute silly mom came and gave me a ride home from work today (she barely sees over the dashboard, she needs a buster seat;)). As you know I had
another stupid flat tire. She looked like some cute young babe.I don't know what kind of medication they gave her but she looks like they shot collegan in her face!!! I'm sitting here writing and I can't stop giggling :) :) :). That silly wow mom really really likes you!!!! (Did you like that little trickie thing? Flip mom upside down and she is a wow mom) Well I just couldn't sleep probably in expectation of hopefully seeing you sooooooon! Maybe. So what better thing to do but write my bro. Even if i'm not that great with words. I wish I could take a day trip and go to the crumpet shop for breakfast tomorrow morning with you and cute kim, and mr. sam too!!! I think I'd better close before I sound even more silly. You know i'm always crazy but I guess it's sets in even more at 3:00AM. Love your more than words, Your silly sister...spacely

Anonymous said...

Have you considered smoking some pot to see if that helps any in the pain department?