Sunday, October 22, 2006

10.22.06 Remember the Sabbath Day

Franky Scale today 6. Though the weather has been perfect for the past couple of days, it came with DZD and Chris and Sadie's visit. The a few clouds slipped in just after they left. We spent time together yesterday over brunch, coffee, and dinner, then a farewell coffee this morning in place of church. I failed to ask but I'll see if I can't get a guest blog from Ms. D....(would you?) Before they left, Sadie reportedly was ready to take the cats home with her. "Time to get the cats and take them home." To sunny California weather.

The rest today is calm and quiet, reading time. Won ton soup for lunch at home. Resting up for the "big" week when the glyconutrients are supposed to arrive; they're on their way I'm told. Another phase of treatment, if you will. Then chemo, the third full round (or third round with a new mix of drugs) begins a week from tomorrow. Another short avenue to walk down and see what's there.


Slarry said...

Hey Mr. Jones:
Your weekend with DZD, Chris and the beautiful
Sadie sounds wonderful !!!
Ah, so many, many wonderful memories of
the DZD. She is and always will be a favorite of
ours. And that time in your life-- with DZD and Sir
Frances, just to name a few, was one of the BEST.
Thank you for letting Lefty and I be a part of
the circle and letting us count all of you as our
dear, dear friends.
And to DZD, our hearts are with you as you go through your own journey of angst with your
dear Mom.

And to Mr. J and Ms.K-- so glad you were able to enjoy and have a day of calm, rest and reading.
Precous times and moments.

We are anxiously awaiting the BIG week-- and the
arrival of the glyconutrients.
I want them to work some big, fat MAGIC.
Give Mr. Jones some comfort from pain--
allow you to linger longer. They just have to,

Off to have a bite of liver, "with a nice Chianti and
some Fava beans .. ." GROSS.

hey, dear brother, I'm going to pretend you are holding my hand. You always bring me comfort
and a sense of calm.
We miss and Love you and can't wait to meet
Ms. K.

Big, fat Love from Zion.
I'm always thinking of you.

Larry and Lefty

Slarry said...

Hey Mr. Jones:
Are you still not connected -- I miss reading your blog.
Maybe we should all go down for some
sunny California weather. It was pretty here
today, though.

Im more clear today-- less of a medicated nut
ball. Sorry I wasn't more coherent.

Love you

Mr. Jones said...

Still not connected, except for brief moments when I try and succeed in finding a corner of my apt that will deliver. It should be set up on Thurs, though, with a new DSL hook up, we'll get the wireless network set up in the house, maybe this time actually get the Soundbridge and printer and everything wired. For now though--more limbo. An extension of my ignorance. -Mr. J.