Sunday, October 22, 2006

10.22.06 Remember the Sabbath Day

Franky Scale today 6. Though the weather has been perfect for the past couple of days, it came with DZD and Chris and Sadie's visit. The a few clouds slipped in just after they left. We spent time together yesterday over brunch, coffee, and dinner, then a farewell coffee this morning in place of church. I failed to ask but I'll see if I can't get a guest blog from Ms. D....(would you?) Before they left, Sadie reportedly was ready to take the cats home with her. "Time to get the cats and take them home." To sunny California weather.

The rest today is calm and quiet, reading time. Won ton soup for lunch at home. Resting up for the "big" week when the glyconutrients are supposed to arrive; they're on their way I'm told. Another phase of treatment, if you will. Then chemo, the third full round (or third round with a new mix of drugs) begins a week from tomorrow. Another short avenue to walk down and see what's there.

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