Wednesday, August 02, 2006

8.02.06, Little to Report

One day after the IV chemo, and the nausea sets in earlier now. Last Wednesday, too, seemed like this began midday or so on Wednesday where it was more of a Thursday concern previously. So, the Franky Scale is in the 5-6 range — and this could be the result of feely rather puky right now. (Time to scramble through the pharmacy at the foot of the bed and find some nice anti-nausea meds, hm, where are you?)

The other thing, thing is, is a communication reminder for a few who have called. Thanks for the calls but please do not worry if I don't pick up or can't call back; the nature of the beast, you know. All the support is good, just sometimes a lot to manage. If anyone is worried at some point try and check the blog, keeping in my mind that a post might not be up until later in the day. Which is to say, also, it's too early in this process for rapid surprises, so sit back with a good book :-)


34DD said...

Sorry Mr. J - I'll try to keep The Fra in check. He gets very nervous after a day of unreturned phone calls - he starts pacing around the house like our dog before a bath. He understands you need your peace though. Hope you are feeling better today. oxoxo

Mr. Jones said...

34dd and Fra: No worries on that front. It was just a broad reminder and not targeted at you :-) I must sound crotchety on the blog sometimes I guess. Blame it on irregular bowel function, that's one that will make anybody a bit grumpy sounding. Pain is one thing but a GI system that doesn't always work is whole different matter. When it's really bad I keep telling myself "At least I don't have hemorrhoids!" Knock wood... not that kind. It's always good to hear from you, I just might not always be phoneworthy. Love. -Mr. J.