Wednesday, August 02, 2006

8.01.06, IV Chemo, Last Day with GTX

Franky Scale today is simply too difficult to gauge — I was in the hospital for the chemo by infusion for four hours this morning, with the company of the Disenchanted Princess, then I was home on my ass, i.e., asleep, for five or six straight hours. Then up, eating, some of the usual, and sadly a trip to the airport again. Departures not arrivals. This time.

Today I also saw my CA 19-9 numbers from my blood drawn last Tuesday, and they are about 400 higher than last time, or they're 6200 (last number was 5780 if memory serves). I don't what the standard deviation or margin of error is on that evaluative tool, so I can't offer you much by way of "It very well could be inaccurate because of . . . " Rather, it probably is accurate; the rest of the pattern and radiography say so, and the number is probably higher today too, since today's blood is one week newer than the blood for that number. It was expected.

Also, the last day of the GTX regimin; in a week or so I'll be jumping into the land of T-GX, reading more on that option — though it appears to be a (sub?) field with little published in it — and exploring the next options.

My head is slow today, with Tuesday and all, and it's late, maybe so late not many people who checked will know that I'm still up and about. Given the situation, things are pretty good. Of course. My bad on being late, however.


Slarry said...

Hey Mr. Jones:
I’m tired, but fairly sleepless myself. I think you are right on with the numbers.
Too many other variables factor into those numbers. When they drew it,
other chemicals in your body, yada, yada, yada.

I’m glad you got to sleep some after your infusion. I like those hours, those numbers.
So, I hope you’ll keep resting and drinking Gatorade by the bazillions.
How is the ETTA cream working? Is it helpful? You know, the red jar with the big white letters.

Your Protonex G-TX , T-Rex sounds like one of the motor scooters we own. : )
I am fairly sure I didn’t spell any of those correctly. But you know what I mean.

Hope the visit with the Princess was delightful. I do feel bad that Ms. Gill didn’t
get to go with you. I think she likes the trip, like a Field Trip with the Professors
and students to the Cancer Institute. We like her.

Do you happen to know when you are arriving Wed. ?
Let me know when you feel up to it.

Missed talking with you-- but I know I have to share when you have guests.

I sent you some text messages earlier-- did they make it to you?
And can I assist with the CD player in any way.

Too many questions for this late hour.

Love you more--

tossing salads said...

as i was wondering while wandering the halls of the hospital yesterday, talked with a dear nurse. oh no, not just any nurse, a bs. ms. clinical supervisor for the whole 4th floor. cancer floor. told her about the change up of the hanging bags and she has heard the same. that there is good results in that. so... just some crumbs for thought. where do you arrive? looking forward to seeing you my famously good looking brother. hope today is better. love you as always.

tracy said...

How 'r the kitties likin' the new place? I'm glad to see you up and about. Thinking of you often.

34DD said...

Mr. J,

Keep up the good fight. My firm and others raised over $25G for cancer research at our golf tournament yesterday - a drop in the bucket I know. Wish it all went to you babe! Lots o'love!

Myage said...

Mister, you're a giant. I've just been turned on to this blog, and I am overwhelmed. You continue to be an inspiration. I love you man.