Saturday, July 08, 2006

7.08.06, Mere Numbers

Doesn't seem like I'll be posting today. After two posts yesterday I don't want any of you to get spoiled (ok, bored or obligated); also and ironically, I've had great streak of writing today since this morning so in one sense I'm penned out.

Franky Scale today was a good 7. A legit 7 this time, fairly positive, far less unpleasure than on most days, and with that lack of distraction I was able to really sit down and concentrate. I miss working like that, for hours and hours and only stopping from the necessity of a meal, not so much desire for one. First half of the day prose, second half poetry. Today I got it, so there.

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Slarry said...

Hey Mr. Jones
and to all others.
Wow --- 9 comments and counting from previous post.
DZ happiest of birthdays and that these days now, are more peaceful. Of course you remember that poem : ) and yes, the boy/man aka Mr. Jones, sure can write. What a pleasure to read.
BTW, DZD I've been looking for you. : )

Happy to see that LUNA has joined in the collective commenters from Zion. Another good man/boy. Our Cabanna Boy of late. Looks good shirtless-- yikes, can you say that about your own nephew ? or have I turned into a perv ? : )

Madame X-- Ms. Gil:
The first commenter yesterday. Wow, I hope Mr. J provides you with a prize. Always enjoy your writing, your comments-- you, my dear, have a way with words.

Welcome Home Spacely. ( she really is ... ) : )

Mr. J-- happy to see #7 -- happy and anticipating the new prose and poetry, if it is going to be shared.
If not the sharable kind, happy to know you enjoyed and did something that you love to do--- WRITE.

That beautiful mind has penned many inspiring,
thoughtful and pleasurable poems.

Sounds like a good day for all.
Plus, Larry and Lefty, finally have a working computer, sans grape juice. ibooks and juice spills just don't work well together. Everything was saved, including archives.

And to all a good night.