Tuesday, July 04, 2006

7.04.06, Back in Seattle & My Big Money Drug Connection

[A couple of small comments of mine on comments made yesterday have been put in the Comment section. Fyi. -Mr. J]

Yep, it's here in Seattle where I get hooked up once a week, the mainline connection, and we're on such good terms the just put it on my tab every time. The experience is never tainted with the filth of lucre. No, no, no. Instead it's clean and business-like, structured, removed; just like the language we use. They never break my skin, poke me, stick this into your arm, etc., all they ever do is "access" my "port," and then about 5 hours later they tell me "Now, let out a deep breath and I'm going to deaccess your port." It's so that I'm almost not human sounding, hm, wondering why that would be? ... [the euphemism blog refuses to wait much longer...]

Today was more of the Fifth Cycle of chemo, the first infusion session in the hospital; and we made good time and got out in under 4.5 hours I think. Maybe even under 4 hours. I don't know how the time varies such but it does. I hung in until about 90 minutes in, tried to keep up and converse, with Ms. G. and Ted, but then I was called away to the land of IV benzadrine, ativan, and some steroids for an hour of so. Then back to the Dada book I picked up and which has given me some ideas for a whacky collage poem or two: first up, in part from talking with G, is going to the "Angelus Novus" poem from a few days ago. Start your bidding!

Franky Scale, trying to get more honest pictures across w/o hysteria (please hear me those of you who might tend toward overreaction...) and yet with accuracy) I'm putting today at 5. It just doesn't make sense to say "7" once more and then be thinking "yeah, I feel pretty good except for the 24/7 nausea right now, sure it's not to bad." I'll say it's 5 now but should improve as I get more rest and the day moves on.

Wood Scale: see attached photo. (just kidding)

Though I think I will put up a photo as kind of commemorative of the San Juan Islands trip from a month or so ago and then of the NY trip this week. One of my enitrely naked of course. My sense is that putting this much bubble bath in a B&B jacuzzi probably pissed someone off later — but the Kodak moment was worth it. And rated G. Later on I will get in touch with myself and ask how I feel about writing a "guest blog" for the people. Guest blogs tend to be so pupular after all.

Last, I hope everyone takes some time "off" or whatever is best for you today, but I hope you seriously reflect on the ragged shadow image of the different country, now entirely lost, that the US now is — the simulacrum. It's so far down the shitter I can't put it in any finer metaphor, it's going to require more scrubbing to get our arms clean than we can imagine, and that's only if we decide to reach into that pipe filled with excrement and try to pull it out. I know a lot of conservatives are reading this, so please, just do your own homework; please, read more than papers on both sides, check their sources, read government reports, see what the speeches actually say, read UN reports, Congressional records, etc. That should be enough to inform you accurately about the current administration. Anyone who blindly accepts this authority, Bush & Co, because of religion, god, party affiliation, or for whatever reason, is going to have a long period of out-damn-spot to deal with. As it should be.

Independence, yes. But independence from whom? Independence for what?

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Slarry said...

Hey Mr. Jones:
Love the photo---- wow wee, that's a whole
bunch of bubbles. : )
Did you do that in our bathtub here in Zion, too ????

Hi to Gill and Ted. Ted, thanks again for the bed and board. And Gill, til we meet again--
We never heard back about the now infamous cabinet color choice decesion. : )

Either way, we can't wait to fill our already
fat tummies again with you and Mr. Jones.
Delicious dreams of white salmon
and the decadent, triple, double chocolate cake
with fresh raspberries and blueberries.
Yummy-in-the tummy. : )
Thank cheebus and Buddah for Ray's.

We have photo's.
We will send them off to Mr. Jones--
You both look stunning and we, ( Larry and Lefty )
well, we just look fat and happy. : )

Thanks to all who participate in IV fusion day.
Very much appreciated by Mr. Jones's family.
( more than you know )
Nadine has a crush on Ted
and we have a crush on the Gill. : )

Mr. Jones, we will keep praying and fasting
for massive stoolage and motility.

Big, Big Love,

Sheri and Steph

P.S. we completely ditto and appreciate your comments
on the USA. I think we come from the
left side of the family. : )

Please drink grundles of Gateorade.
( I think only older sisters can just barely
get away with offering tips like that )