Thursday, July 06, 2006

7.06.06, Pain and Follicles

Five, or 5, if you will: whoever said the Franky Scale had lost some of its effectiveness is right. Is a 5 on the scale dead center, no pun, or right in the middle of all the possible feelings. Today is simply the second day after the IV chemo day, traditionally a Day of Suck. It's not horrific but low-grade fever and that kind of flu-like feeling when your hair follicles kind of hurt. Do you know what I mean? Pain in your follicles. I don't get that. I'd worry it's some horrible sign about my hair but I know this symptom from fevers, etc., before. Blech. Naps. Chicken broth later on. Maybe some white rice to go with it.

If I could get my FS up, my plan had been to get out to a neighborhood cafe, pen in hand, or keys under finger, and get my ass to work. Now I'm on the fence. That's the news for now.

Seattle shows its colors today, spreading out a mild temp of something like the low 60s, perhaps there's a chance of rain and there is grey across most of the sky except a tiny hopeful band of bluer laid over West Seattle. I don't mind any of it, it accounts for all the cafes, in all likelihood. What accounts for all the ink-covered hipsters in my neighborhood I can't say — is there some connection between rain and grey and tatooes? Topic to ponder while you wait for the extra strength Tylenol to cut the fever.


tossing salads said...

well im off tomorrow, very early. ill be out of the loop for a couple of days. brother scott has given me special dispensation to not do anything he wouldnt do, so... that means i can do whatever i want. thank you. its great to have a patriarch giving me special powers. so since you gave me something special, im giving you, which i do always, all the best vibes i can. please take care and treat yourself with all the consideration that you so richly deserve. love you

Slarry said...

Hey brother--
I was awakened from a sound sleep in the middle of the night, with this question just ruminating through my brain.
Sorry, it doesn't have a lot to do with your post, but it is important. Here goes:

What are your 3 favorite Elvis Costello songs and why?
The why is as important as the songs themselves. If you have to, you can choose up to 4 songs, but no more.

Thank you berry much. By Sunday would be great. : )
Hope your soup was good.

I'm going to send this question to you in email also.

Love and Senna,


Mr. Jones said...


A curious request, for three songs. I'm not a big "favorites" person as I would have thought you knew, so making picks like this is not really my thing. The fact that I suddenly had one 20th century philosopher stick in my head recently as "the one" was a big enough shock to me. So, is it possible to take a pass on this? Even if I could pick a few songs listing the "why" I really don't think I can do--have you ever thought of doing this for three songs you really like, in terms of amount of work? Pretty tall order it seems.. we can talk offline. -Mr. J.

Slarry said...

mr. Jones---
I've come to my senses : ) and you are so right, way to tall an order. I, of course, tried to pick my 3 favorite Mary Chapin Carpenter songs, and all it did was make my head twrill and spin. So, yes in deedy, we will talk "off line" and I'll let you know what prompted such absurdness. It did start with a dream I was having.
Ambian dreams.
But he, Mr. El Vi definitely remains very cool.

Huge numbers brother, I'm hoping. Again, thanks for the computer tips.

Love and chicken broth---

Luna said...

Whats up man? not sure what to say on here. Too many things that i dont really understand goin on. But the chemo shit definately doesn't sound fun from what i've heard. Just wanted to let ya know that i do pay attention to this, just never really know what to say. Especially since everyone knows i dont talk about much anyway, just listen and think. But hopefully you feel better and come back soon so we can hang out or go to lunch again or something.