Sunday, July 02, 2006

7.02.06, Concluding NY

Just returned from a meeting of the Holy Synod in Albany, with Frank, 34DD, and the Princess, and determined that the Franky Scale needs to be modified for accuracy. Exactly how this is to happen has yet to be determined, but it will be the subject of much prayer and fasting over the remainder of this holiday weekend. For the sake of continuity and in the absence of a new system, I'll say today the Franky Scale was a 6(ish); no problems to note and also nothing exceptionally positive in terms of health. Just working on regularity, a rather boring but crucial aspect of getting by.

Tomorrow afternoon it's back to the west coast and to blogs of some substance. A return to Seattle, a return to euphemisms, to continue what almost happened on Friday before the salutary distractions of the city.

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Slarry said...

Mr. Jones:
Hope your flight was pleasant and that your trip was comforting. I miss Mr. Franky-- alot.
I am wishing and hoping for motitlity and massive stoolage.
I've missed talking to you-- : )
Hope tomorrow goes ok.
Is madamme x your guide?
If so, please give her our best. You can give each other a hug for us. Wish we were there with you.

How are you changing the franky scale? Let me know when I am to begin to pray and fast, you know, to get the clearest answer possible.

Big love from Zion--