Saturday, May 27, 2006

5.27.06, Gladly Pay You Tuesday

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

Franky Scale: 6/7.

Not bad overall by any means, and the "shock" of yesterday's news still settles. I felt a rush when I heard it, the news; I felt an unsettling wave come over me at the same time. Nerves, like nerves. What is it about good news that makes me slightly suspicious these days? In any event, today is dedicated to chilling, slow time, reading (back into The Brothers Karamazov), making some headway (he hopes) thinking through what It is I'd like to be sure to do, and the basics. And Mr. Deeker left the building this morning. Some of our conversations dealt with the headway thinking just mentioned, but no conclusions yet.

If nothing else, this little post is just a Franky check-in, check-up, a note to say everything seems to be on an even keel, and a minor message that something more worth reading should be up tomorrow.

And last for today, alas poor Desmond. (Thanks for the news Lefty, it's a sad day in Skaville.)


Slarry said...

Desmond Dekker - Israelites.mp3

Hey Mr. SKA Jones:
I'm trying to make this play for you, Dammit. I'll figure it out. Alas, Mr. Desmond.

I'm taking it easy, too.
We are experiencing some Seattle Weather today.
Love and Stools,

david said...

lost a comment again. I have trouble reading the verification 'word.' (What language is that?)

It was late, but it was something about what 'even keel,' 'minor message' and the notion of 'something more worth reading' do in the realm of joyful irony. What possibly could be more joyful to read than such words from our guy in Seattle?!

Mr. Jones said...

Dear Mr. David,

I don't know what it could be that keeps certain posts from you, unless it's the US govt protecting all of us from seditious posts. But when you come out to visit I'll get you up to speed on anything you've missed--it will be all the more suspenseful for the wait. -Mr. J.