Friday, May 26, 2006

5.26.06b, What the Hell--Very Good News, Again

[setting] Friday, 7 PM or so, I went out with Mr. Deeker to watch the warm-up game for the World Cup (US vs. Venezuela = US 2, Ven 0; Mr. Deeker becomes very nationalistic when it comes to soccer) and I looked down at my cell phone on the table.

[suspense] Cell phone, "1 Voicemail," press through to number--it's from the Cancer Center. Shit, this is not what I need, the hospital calls me on Friday at almost 6 pm--what, more bad news?

[climax] It's my doctor. Why would my doctor call? Why Friday? I'll tell you that in the midst of this experience, even with trying to be positive, I'm hesitant to hope much. Not too much. So against that feeling--Dr. Whiting called to tell me my CA 19-9 numbers, remember those?, they have dropped again! Down to 6300 (from over 9000 last time), which is about another 30 percent reduction. Excuse my French, but, fuckin Cheebus! I'm shocked. That's good voicemail.


dzd said...

ah, good news for a Friday night. very very good. thanks to Cheebus, or as I have now been corrected (sorry about this everyone), Jeebus. but maybe we can keep Cheebus, it has a certain ring to it, no?

lefty said...

my dear mr. jones!!!!!!!!!,(i am yelling!!!!!),

i love that news. i am so excited!! that will lifts your spirits for the weekend and the u.s. won the soccer warm up game on top of that?! now that's a good friday.

i just logged on to write a quickie to my favorite rude boy (or is it boi?) i wanted to let you know, if you don't already, that desmond dekker died. and on that note i wanted to thank you for your endless knowledge of lovely music and for introducing me to so many great artists over the years. i used to think i was pretty knowledgeable about all kinds of music but i didn't know spit about ska and reggae until you and dzd and the other rude boys filled me in. that was one genre i severely lacked real knowledge in.

so, this isn't really an appropriate comment with such great news but i just wanted to let you know about brother desmond and to let others know, if they don't know you closely, that you're so coooool and have taught so many people in your life so much about so many different things, not just your scholastic subjects.

you're not going anywhere because every time i turn around you are there. i love you so much.


david said...

fuckin Cheebus! it's all I can think to say, and
I'm quoting, even,
fuckin Cheebus a right!

piss & moanhj said...

nothin to piss & moan about with that!!! hooray!! (that sounds really childish, huh?)--so, FUCKIN' HOORAY!!! HOW'S THAT?!! :) oh my cheebus, jeebus, buddah, whatever works...!!! way to go Mr. Jones!! Keep wearing your cape!!

tossing salads said...

ARIGHT!!!!!!!!!! dont look but im doing a dance. scary but im so excited im having to retype each word. that is the best news ever. scott you deserved that. i fell to my knees after the dance and praised everyone i could think of. this will be a great weekend. thanks cheebus. i like it spelled this way. love ya brother