Monday, May 22, 2006

5.22.06, Life in the Big Casino

All righty then. . . back after a short noncommercial break. I've actually got a headshrinking scheduled in about 30 minutes, so I'm only here to tease you. But coming up we've got some super money additions, editions ;-) There's a guest blog in the offing after a royal princess visit; there's another kind of guest blog from a friend with a pen so witty you might urinate; and there's going to have to be some of my poetry finally because another friend called me out "Hey, Mr. Other-People's-Poetry, when will I see your stuff?" and so it goes.

Franky Scale (clearly too early a.m. to accurately do this, and yet): I'm going to post a defiant 8. I'm actually looking forward to talking with my own personal Melfi. More in the p.m. hours.

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Slarry said...

Hey Mr. Spot: How was your own Dr. Melfi?? She didn't really shrink your head, did she?? We just want your tumor to keep shrinking. : ) Who will be our guest blogger? I will probably urinate. : )
I did think of a poem of yours that I quite like, plus it goes along with what you may have experienced today.
It is either titled: BECAUSE WE ARE ALL CRAZY, or it ends with that line. It is fab. I have a copy if you can't find yours. Not to be a buddinski and tell you what to share or write.
However, I was told I was "annoying" over three dozen times last week. A record, if I do say so myself. : ) A buddinski and annoying-- who wouldn't want me for a sister or a friend ????
Seriously, though, I hope "it" went well. Things are good here in ZION. I will continue to refer to my doctor as "Dr. Malfie"-- the name has grown on us.
Love from ZION--