Friday, August 18, 2006

8.18.06, Photos of the Family Affair

For some of my friends who haven't seen me in a while, I know there's been much speculation about "how I look." Usually, and fortunately, their expectations are low and I surprise them. Related to this I was just weighed again during my oil change and consult with my oncologist yesterday and I came to about 82-something kilos with pants on, or about 180 lbs. For about 10-plus years I've hovered around 185 so this isn't too bad for weight loss. In any event, I've got some pictures kicking around, recent ones, and I thought I'd post one or two. These are from Aug. 13, family BBQ. (Nothing naked this time, sorry.)

From left to right, here we have Sue (1st), my mom "Nasal" or "Gicky Jim" (buggin' out), me (4th), Sheri (2nd), Stacey (3rd).

St. Francis and my mother (Whitney #2 and Jasmine Luna in the background left; inside Sue and Sue's house.)


tossing salads said...

lovre the pic. what is up with 'the nade'??? susan got the book for me yesterday at the library and have started reading it. its already been enlightening. after that light hearted tome im gonna start 'secret ceremonies' just for laughs and tickles. i love you bro. and just a hi to sir francis. throuoghly enjoyed spending the day with you. theres always a double v & t for you at our home. off to the farmers market.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! such great photos!!! your mom, i HAVE to say, looks like such a sweetie pie!! she really looks so sweet & kind - no wonder you have such a gentle nature about you; you learned from the BEST!!! i wasn't so lucky. my mom looks and IS THE GENERAL!!!
and YOU look terrific!!! a little skinnier in the face, but still as "doable" as EVER! ;) ha ha