Saturday, July 15, 2006

7.15.06, Just Saturday

Nothing going today except good weather and (other) writing. Maybe one small nap too, since last night I was struck with some kind of Ambien-impervious insomnia. Just what I need. For today's Franky Scale at an approx. 6 for now. It's been variable like before, dipping and rising. If anything inspires me after a walk through the neighborhood, I may return, but then again.


just me said...

hi prof. jones,
you're right. it is nice weather here in seattle today. just the right temp for me; warm w/breeze...not too hot, but getting there.
hope you get the energy to take a walk, eat something, read/write and get a good night's rest. i think if it can happen, it's "good" medicine too. from your posts, it seems like you haven't been feeling as well, prob due to iv week, but i hope you'll start feeling better soon.

[disenchanted princess] said...

I'll think about you today, as I'm walking around our favorite (?) city.

Congrats on a chemo free week. Keep taking that protonix or we'll have to take the Protonix Man cape away! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Scott,
I am in Seoul and miss you.
Because of time difference and a mosquito who bit me five times I woke up at 3:30 and caught up missed days of Jones blog.
It is a rainy season here. Yes, muggy.
Yesterday was terrible to many areas due to flooding.
I will be visiting Daesan tomorrow and tell them about Hwang.
I will tell you what they say after visit.

Slarry said...

While all of you are enjoying "nice weather," we here in ZION are enjoying 103 degree heat. OMG. It is gross.

Plus, Stepheni, I mean Lefty, keeps watching TRANSAMERICA, over and over and over again.

I hope this is indictitive of her appreciating good acting, and not some life style change she hasn't told me about.

Happy Sabbath. And to everyone: Drink more fluids.