Thursday, July 13, 2006

7.13.06, Working on Normal, Next Restaging

A pretty flat 6 on the Franky Scale today; and that's with some pretty sustained effort on my part to be as "normal" as possible. Otherwise I'd go mid-5's, just physically kind of crappy. I've been thinking that a bit more structure, in terms of "work" and related routines, might be helpful, and this was emphasized by Dr. Melfi yesterday as well. That means I was spending more time "in the office" today — though I guess I don't need the quotation marks since I actually was in my office, not just something like it. The bloody nausea is a real drain. That's the primary complaint I'd make, the shit is just tedious. You know it won't kill you, not on its own; it's not an unbearable pain in and of itself; and I basically have enough control over it to never actually throw up. It's just a nagging . . . like my writing at the moment.

So, the plan is for my next (this will be the second) restaging to take place next week, on the 20th I believe. In case I didn't offer up this number before the most recent CA 19-9 score was 5790, which is 210 points down from the previous number, which was about 300 points down from the previous, and that was about 3000+ below the previous. My oncologist asserts that there is no correlation at all between "better news" and larger drops; he did reassure me that the only significant numerical movement is down. As long as it goes down, whether by 10 points or 1000 points, we're to read it the same way. Still good news, have to say, "good news" within the confines of this system. On the 20th, there will be more CA 19-9 numbers, other bloodwork, and more radiography (CT scans). Has the tumor shrunk more? Is it static? What does my liver look like? (. . . it's like a movie preview . . . or not.)

Finally, for now, SLC people, cheer up. I can feel these worried vibes from you up there at 4K+ feet . . .


Slarry said...

Dear Brother:
Congrat's on decreasing numbers. I love decreasing numbers.

So sorry about the Nausea. It is such an annoying pain in the bum.
So, restaging on the 20th ? It is close enough to Pioneer Day that I'm tempted to beg my work to release me from their evil tenticles,
( ha, that almost sounds like testicles ) : ) and come up. They aren't very understanding right now--
but it never hurts to ask.

Here is my thought for the day:

Bellini Recipe
Serves/Makes:   1
Bar Drink Recipes

3 ounces chilled peach nectar
Dash lemon juice
Dash grenadine
3 ounces chilled champagne

Combine the chilled peach nectar, lemon juice and grenadine in the serving glass. Stir. Then add the chilled champagne. Serve in a fluted champagne glass.

To Mr. Jones and all blog readers:

Given the remarkable heat we are experiencing here in Zion and other places in the world, I thought it fitting to share one of the most delicious and refreshing ways I use to cope with my brothers diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer. I have enjoyed and used it for other occassions as well. It has never failed me yet. : )

Plus, it is the weekend (relaxing) and contains fruit. Fruit is healthy. : )

I can attest to its usefulness in decreasing stress.
Plus, it is a writers drink.

Enjoy and have a good Friday.

Mr. Jones, productive writing, episodes of calm and creativity
are just some of what I wish for you this weekend. The alcohol content is hopefully minimal enough that it won’t interfere and interact badly
with your medications.
Love and hugs, Sheri

spacely said...

Spot, our cure for nausea in our silly home is of all things coke syrup. You can't get it in slc anymore so we take staight up coca-cola. Sip it really slowly over ice.....yum. By the by, kerry had his restaging today. Hopefully his last one. He went to his MRI all by his little self. I used to take him and then see the dr afterward and you know how stressful THAT is. When they make you wait for the results of your stupid xray. And I guess we have to wait the weekend or more. Always sending happy SPIRITUAL and NON-SPIRITUAL VIBES. :D :D :D love u, me