Wednesday, June 21, 2006

6.21.06 Like Any Other Morning

[All right, I forgot the Franky Scale, but when I do forget it that's a good sign, it probably means I'm thinking of what to do with myself that approximates some kind of normalcy, rather than the fine points and/or consequences of "5" or "6" or "......
Franky Scale: I will say 8 at 8 today. It's early, but I'll work with it.]

Fatigue from IV chemo is like, well it's like a lot of things, we have similes galore throughout the blog. It's like something really heavy, sudden, out of nowhere, worse than you remember, and demanding, something that quietly comes up from behind and grips you, enormous hands, and once they've locked on, you're a puppet or doll and all you're going to do is follow the hands. Entropy in your little world, that's what I felt like yesterday so I was home by about 4 pm after my oil change and the large hands dropped me into bed.

Today, then, I decided that since it had been over 8 hours (of sleep that is) what the hell? why not just get up and work into my morning of small bite to eat (oatmeal today) and multiple cups of coffee (this now follows, interrupts, and precedes 8 or 9 pills that have to be taken with Prune Juice in two or three installments, but what'ya gonna do?). In fact, if I have (special) people in town would it possible to get the off their asses to come out before nine a.m. for coffee, staring off into the space, discussion, maybe even something productive — like, organize my bills, finalize some legal documents, plan the scary plans! Once or twice over coffee, cocktail, or dimsum with Frank there were some conversations that would stop a few people in their tracks. It's just not the kind of thing you'd expect to find in public, still it happens.

So I succeeded in getting a phonecall from my sister, now let's place bets: will I really hear back from her before noon? Or in time for late lunch? Either way, you will find me at Bauhaus. My clock's ticking.

[I'll take real bets if anyone wants to put up a time-near-arrival in the comments section. For now I'll hold off because I know them so well, so the game is called "Bet how well you know Sheri/Stephi's punctuality" ... If eveyone bets one dollor, lots of hits, you could make a C-note off this. It's 8:20 AM, and Sheri and I spoke at 7:58 AM, Ready, Steady, Go!

--There was only one bet, for 9:52 AM, which turns out to be only 20 minutes off and LATE! --which they surprised me and the universe. The dollor will by yours. Betting is closed.]


Quid Pro Quo said...

Give the girls a break monkey. It's a monochromatic day in our city and they might not be quite technicolor yet. I'm betting 9:52 and you'll get my dollar later. Have you tried the coffee at Cafe Lladro near the market by SAM? It's really something. I'll definitely be thinking of you as I'm drinking mine.

wonderland said...

forgot to ask you about the old tiger stamps. if you can find or take pictures, send them to me. dont mind what i said about your time in my last email. i have been trying very hard to listen to you and understand "chagi" may not be what you need from me right now. it's not too bad when i'm busy but then there are moments when walking from one place to another or talking to other koreanists that i get very very sad and/or angry. good afternoon to you and good nite to me.

Slarry said...

Ok mr. J monkey man--
We made it.
Enjoying some java with Mr. J and lefty in Seattle.
Cool, nice and relaxing.
He rocks my world.
Love the Jones Man and oh so happy to be here and share time, time, time.


Melissa Etheridge in CONCERT in Oakland, CA.
WoW. Have fun and how cool.

spacely said...

hey mr. j , monkey man ,protoxin man ...whitney is waiting for the rest of the conversation ;) Just finished with a temple session today. I know, I know... of course I wouldn't forget to put your name on the prayer roll. Love you....ME

dzd said...

hmmm I would have placed bets on 11ish - :-P

spacely said...

P.S. You seattle folks,,,Allie is getting adopted by her mom and dad at the court house tomorrow. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quid Pro Quo said...

I hope you guys had a great cup of coffee (americano - whatever) at Bauhaus...

What will I do with my shiney dollar... I thinking putting it all down on 8 the hard way.

I miss Frank.

tossing salads said...

i would have bet 11ish also but didnt hear about the betting until now. dayum. spacely allie??? who might that be ;);), if you mean my granddaughter ali then, yes she is being adopted tomorrow, how cool is that!!! and spot i would have been there at whatever time you wanted cuz anytime after 430 is sleeping in for me. and coffee with you will be a joy. the coffee garden is open here, cant wait to try it. love ya loads. s& s have loads with mr. jones.

Mr. Jones said...

congrats to Ali, Deb & Garth. no turning back now, :-) and we'll have to get coffee later t&s; also the 11 bets would have been mine too; i just about fell off my chair when i met them before ten; spacely, watch out for the Mormon temple, you know, if you go there they make you wear funny underwear! i've seen it.

Mr. J

Slarry said...

Thursday June 22, 2006

Hello to all of you in JonesVille Land:
Steph and I have completely enjoyed being here. Meeting Mr. Jones’s friends, hanging with Mr. Jones, going to IV Chemotherapy infusion--- not fun, but very informative, enlightening and humbling.

But most importantly,
we made it EARLY for coffee yesterday. Wow DZD, I am shocked that you guessed 11ish ???? : )

How does one thank someone who innately cares for your brother, during the times you can’t be present?
How does one tell her how much her “being there” means to you.???

I know, I will buy her a house-- : ) I am referring to Ms. Gillian-- one of Mr. Spot’s dearest friends here in Seattle. So dear, in fact, that we would like for her to come and live with us and be our friend.

She often takes Mr. Jones to his IV chemo sessions. Now that is love and true friendship.
And she is cute, too. Too bad for all of you who are unattached-- she is spoken for.

The weather has been lovely. I’m worried to see what Spot might write for his frankly scale today. He was good yesterday, but began to fade in the evening.

More later. Love and kisses to our friends and family in Salt Lake.

Love, Larry and Lefty

Slarry said...
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