Monday, June 19, 2006

6.19.06 turn time then sleep

wait for hours, ----start that again
----what four hours, for wait...?
scala di francis: 7 to start
scala di francis: less one Whole day
the daily game of subtraction.

three bottles from one Rx
[drop line] four from the next Rx
one left out, too much control, too much narcotic
for you my boy: you must wait three days till doom,
then pop, they're yours & we'll be happy to(o)

on my desk are permenant markers: red, black.
[txt msg: like to, guilt, promises, soon]
pulled over one writes "oxyco-done #4"
4th bottle, 5th mg, now the joke pill,
the other writes "B-6" — what, that's not controlled?
"no, but it's cheaper"

i can't keep any of them straight
[call in: truly sorry, just can't]
first red, third bottle, "loraz.", simple, to know
fourth gets "temaz." &/or "sleep" & is useless

"so why do i have that one?"
(Just in case, Hemlock, I mean, Sherlock.
then i write it out, s, l, e, e, p, close quote, why
do i put qts on the bottle's cap?

[text msg: baseball, "we," "u" lots of characters =
headache]is what is on my plate, food, they say, weighs
something like 20 lbs a spoonful, and if funny
you come do it, see how the process of trans-

substantiation really works: the Host to sheer ex-
aggerated weight, the weight to lips, the lips to tongue,
now the Host is just so many calories, & the weight
of the Fall is on your tongue. if it's funny, you come

do it. you cannot bring about the change but
through strength of will: oxycotton, metocloprom,
protonix, clonazepam, oxycodone, lorazepam, zofran,
xeloda + b-6, sildenafil citrate, & then zolpidem.

ah, that's right, how was your day?


Slarry said...

Mr. Jones:

Even with all those pills, the frustration of waiting-- having to number them, we will be there bright and early, as your escorts for the day.
Thank you for today-- enjoyed so much being with you, will be with you forever and always.. And no, I'm not as strong as you .. but I will keep fighting, not go gentle, and rage war on this insepid disease.
In the mean time... there is no where else I'd rather be, than you. We've got your back, jack. : )
Where are the rest of the commenters?
Don't just lurk and peek, my brother needs us all--- he is fighting for his life.
Let's give it a whirl-- let's keep fighting with him. For tomorrow is not going to be a cake walk or a piece of cake.

IV fusion-- tough on the body, though on the mind-- the on the soul of this questioning,..yet articulate young man.
We love you Mr. Jones-- and are grateful you invited us to stay and hang and linger with you.

Thanks for my new journal. I will write better, because it came from you.
Keep the coffee pot on---
and will see you in the morning.

Love, love, love you and admire youeven more. Still don't know what slimming is-- will have to ask my older sister.

Love and good sleep

larry and Lefty

wonderland said...

pogosipda, mani.