Thursday, May 11, 2006

5.11.06, Slow Out the Gate

Day three after chemo, if the IV hospital day is counted as day one, is a low one. The nurses say the steroids begin wearing off, so the incongruous "high" or simply more normal feeling I tend to get on day two, rapidly vanishes and I find myself in a place something like the lowlands of flu. Not unbearable, just not the kind of thing to make one feel highly motivated. (But I have a potential motivator in the third paragraph...)

In line with that, Franky Scale: 6. And the Franky guest blog anticipation scale continues to rise, we even spoke about this today and I reminded him of his responsibilities, his reading constituency, his fans. So we wait.

One more item--perhaps more will come tonight, but for now, one item--I had an email exchange with a friend about issues we have and what we hide in our closets, what we can deal with directly, what we need to sweep out of sight. You know the conversation. This is the suggestion/solution that came up: the more issues that are let out of your closet (dealt with, shared, eliminated,...), the more room there is for new shoes! It's genius. Just serious enough, but also just enough whimsy. The blend of metaphor and reality perfect. This is my meditation topic for today, I'm going to figure out if certain issues deserve certain kinds of shoes, or vice versa: what do wingtips deserve? desert boots? oxfords? Hm.


tossing salads said...

hey bro. went out to dinner with the trude, s & s, the nadwina. had a very good time. a few drinks and lots of good food, at the new yorker. wish you had been there. poor nade would have been the only non lesbian there ;) keep on keeping on. l love you.

to dzd - just talked with slarry. i figued out that it was you, who i thought it was. im giving you a shout out. good to hear your voice. email me sometime if you want. ask the spot for it.

Anonymous said...

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