Monday, May 08, 2006

5.08.06, Sex and Chemo

(It's all about a good hook.) Tomorrow is IV chemo, #4 I believe, where I fight to stay awake for four hours and Gillian gets a lot of work done. She pointed out to me how much I've left out (of the blog) of our Little Sessions at the SCCA, the sexy, juicy bits...

What you're missing: how half of us are half naked most of the time, how I get in and rip off my shirt, which is no longer completely bare but about half grown back in, how I'm helpless and restrained and Gillian has her way with me for four hours of delirium and sometimes I wake up and my clothes are on backwards, and there's that whole thing we do with the panopticon and the parergon and the speculum of the other woman and Herculine Barbin joins us and then scopophilia and Lacan's little object ... oh wait, that's work ... , well, OK, so it's not that exciting. But I do get half naked, and I do have three nipples now, if you're into that kind of thing. Tuesday's are very progressive in my chemo room. And G. does get a lot done.

In my mind, this is not a real post, merely a filler--since I'm in my office today doing the most satisfying part of my job, why I spent so many years in grad school, and the one part that remains meaningful in the face Of It All--administrative bullshit. So bizarre--or so logical in our totalized capitalist society?--that you can be faced with a bad dose of cancer even and the one thing you can't let slide is paperwork and admin-related duties. Hmm. An article that would reshape the field for the next year or two? Nope. The aesthetic handbook that would change art and criticism forever? Nope. Meeting with highly motivated to students to change their lives for the better? Nope. Approving x-fer credits, restating via email what is already in about 4 different web FAQ's to students who are either too thick, lazy, or distracted to read the rules on their own, and squaring away all matters that might possibly affect overall enrollment in the department? Yes. The important things. (On a serious note, props to my dept because they have been very understanding about giving me space during this.)

Just a teaser above. The Franky Scale--the same Frank who's gone now but owes us one more guest blog and whose wit and charm or some goddam thing are apparently so very appealing to everyone that I'm sure we all just can wait, blah blah blah, just great, aren't we all excited! I could spit. ;-) anyway, 7/8, although sitting in my office I don't always get the best F.S. reception. Still, 7/8.


david said...

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or what

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tossing salads said...

sorry david, cant understand anything but mr. jones got all the brains in our family. but im still impressed by the love and care his friends are giving him. will never be able to thank them for this.

its amazing what is required of us even in the face of suck ass cancer.

baby bro, loving and appreciating all that you are.

Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.