Thursday, November 16, 2006

11.16.06 Side Effects Roll

The past few days have been greivous on me, nothing written and equally little done as a result. That double shot of chemo on Mon and Tues really add up. The targeted-therapy drug I take daily, tarceva, is the cause of the acne-like side effect but I'm not sure if it's contributing to any of the general nausea or junk sickness. Of course it's not "junk" sickness, still it's just as crappy, dim-light, and cold-water. In any case, today is Day 4 of this new cycle and the nausea, fatigue, and motivation sapping have been severe. Worse that other cycles of chemo? Hard to say.

Some of those who have been very curious about the glyconutrients and their effects might now ask how I'm feeling with them. I'll answer again — who knows. I don't konw. I think "just wait and see" is the only answer. If they've been making me deal better with the chemo, that means the chemo otherwise would have been just about too much to deal with. So my guess is not much effect there.

My chemo nurse on Monday did say that my white blood cell count and nutrophils both looked noticably higher than normal, and asked if if I've been doing something "different." The suggested cause was glyconutrients; as the only really different factor in my diet or treatment/s. But I'd advise the utmost caution in how to read this initial, and not-quite-yet stable change in my labs.

A reminder, too, that the real results appear in other forms, specifically in the form of less cancer. Obvious, yes, but I promise you I'll have to explain this whole thing again a dozen times even to some who "read" the blog.

Franky Scale: 5-6. An improvement from yesterday, which may have been a record.

What I would I predict, as of today: hang tight and don't get overly excited. Stay strong and be prepared to help out more once we can figure out what the "ways" of helping might be.


Slarry said...

Mr. J:
I am prepared: for any and all you
choose as "ways" that help. Just let me know
where and when and what -- and I'll be there.
Gratefully so.
No "maybes" or anything indefinite or questionable
exisits for me. Truly.
What does exist-- is the sheer determination
I have to do ANYTHING that will
ease your pain, ease your mind, help with anything
that you deem as useful.
Even cleaning out the kitty litter box. : )

Love you brother.
Thank you for your post and writing.
It was so good to hear and read your words
and thoughts.
Being your sister is one of the greatest joys
of my life. It always has been and always will be.
I love you infinite numbers, always.


tossing salads said...

ya know brother, i dont even know what to say. its one thing to see this on a daily basis to people i just see, some daily, some less, but to know that its happening to you, is almost to much for me to take. its very painful to realize what your going thru. i only know, cuz of what i see, just how overwhelming this is. i so wish their was anything i could do. i feel very inadaquate by saying that. but its all i have at present. i love you and am sending you all that i have. i do know how amazing you are.

34DD said...

Good to hear love, I'm trying to contain my excitement. I hope the side effects roll off soon. oxoxox