Saturday, September 30, 2006

9.30.06, A Settling Process

Just a quick check in for now, though I'll try to post more tonight. Today's Franky Scale is somewhere in the 6 range; and yesterday maybe fell into the 4 range at some point. Post general anaesthesia never feels great to me, although the procedure itself seemed much better than my last EUS/endoscopic ultrasound, less tearing up of my throat, now swallowing issues, or feeling like that epiglottis thingy in the back of my throat my actual come of and get swallowed. That last one when they took the biopsies was just shitty. So the post-procedure day was difficult with gut pain and the slow dying off of my celiac plexus, the gradual easing off of the local anaesthetic, and just fatigue from chemo left over. Today's a great improvement. For what it's worth.


spacely said...

Just a thought scott but where will you be oct. 12 throught he 15th. Glad your surgery went well. luv u ...spacely

tossing salads said...

well brother. sounds like you had quite the week. im glad you survived. im hoping that the proceedure does work. met a man at the hospital thursday and he had it done and it worked for him. so... fingers crossed. just got back from the red dirt down south. can see why you love it so. i actually made the trek to delicate arch. what a fucking hike. it was very hard on my old body. but my hell it was beautiful. only a little sore today. its conference weekend. so you should stop by and go to your missionary reunion>>> ;) love you scott.

Slarry said...

Hey Mr. Jones:

Franky scales at 4 are shitty.
I'm grateful for the improvement.
Maybe some pho will make your throat feel better.
I've sent you a couple of emails today. : )

Steph aka Lefty is crying about her Stella
Scooter and is standing outside blocking
the entrance to the garage. She cracks me up.

Did you know it was Mormon Conf. ????
See, I live here and still no one tells me

We were going for pho or something Asian
and yummy tonight-- but alas,
now green jello, fry sauce and vanilla ice cream.
The "staples" of Zion.

Any suggestions for a good flick or video?