Thursday, September 28, 2006

9.28.06, Go in Fear...

Go in fear of abstractions. Fine, just don't go in fear of chemotherapy. There are a lot of thing one's psychology can lead a person into, with smells, small pricks, extended stretches in an adjustable bed, and hospital eating, a lot on the down side, but we keep doing it every week. Today, too, chemotherapy and its joys. For all I know it might even be helping. Something we should learn in about two weeks when I do the next restaging with Dr. Whiting, the CT scan machine, and more bloodwork.

For today, just this, "hello," I won't give you a Franky Scale for today, I mean I'm about to swallow chemo drugs and I havn't even had my fucking coffee. (think the 1970s commercial for 7-Eleven coffee where the guy is driving to work in a convertable and he has a wolf face to all his neighbors and other commuters, UNTIL he gets his coffee at Sev...) It's me too. But yesterday was 6 to 7, backing up and down to each number. Got higher with the day however. After the marathon of travel from JFK to SEA-TAC two days ago, fogettaboutit.

Clear Pile of Shit award today: (after I unconsciously plugged them too! Goddam it.) the winner is 7-Eleven for deciding to stop selling CITGO gas, from Venezuela. A gas we've come to love as the only kind you can buy in the US, that I know of, that isn't like putting blood money into your car. Shit. Shit. Shit. I feel this one. I am not happy with Sev today.


34DD said...

Thanks for a lovely time in NYC & for the pics. They definitely tell a story. You can really see when the night went south for the fish-lady! You kids look like a 100 ducks, however. I hope chemo went well today, I'm thinking of you. Hugs & kisses to you both and beware of the FRP doors. - What??

Slarry said...

Dear Mr. Monkey Head:

HEY, all I did was go to work for a minute and returned home
and miraculously there was a new blog from Mr. Jones. Geeez.
No one tells me anything..... : )

Ok, let me get this straight--- since last Friday, you have flown to
New York, went to a very cool Sax ( no, not sex ) concert, got a massive surprise by Sir. Franca lot and 34DD, had a little dinner and stayed in some swanky Hotel in New York -
all lovingly orchestrated by the enchanting Princess. Then, took a breather, did some packing, flew
back to Seattle where you packed and un packed some more and then
took a little trip to have a small IV Chemo treatment, only to prepare for
your new and exciting procedure tomorrow ???
WOW. That is exhausting just to say.
But fun. Well, except for the Chemo part.

Is that a fair summation ???
You are like a god, or at least a demi god--- for sure.

Hope all is going well. Maybe a “welcoming party” for the Princess is in order. ????

Please take care. Drink your Gatorade and maybe some muffins and cookies will find their way to you. ( and yours )

Miss you, miss you, miss you.
And never doubt, my brother--
you are helping a lot of people.
Just remember to take care of yourself. ( That’s what you always say to me. ) : )

Have some pho soup today or tonight. I had another dream about it.
I don’t know what it is about that soup-- that it is so good that it now even
permeates and is part of my dreams. Yummy. Yummy.

Love to you and your gaggle of friends.
No fear or pain for you, my lovely brother.


Mr. Jones said...


Yes, you have the weekly schedule right, a test of endurance, I think. Plus there was a day before departure drive to JFK to get a rental car, a two car drive to Sopranos land New Jersey to drop off Kim's car for shipping then a drive back through Satan Island, Brooklyn, then Long Islan. A long one that day too.

So all it accurate, except the naming again, since my partner in crime has been the DISenchanted Princess. If you miss the DIS, you miss (most) all of the irony. We don't want to miss the irony, do we?

Love. -Mr. J

Slarry said...

Mr. Jones:

I didn't put "dis" on purpose ---
I was avoiding the irony because she, ( Ms.K )
out did herself this last trip. Surprises with people and everything.
What a sweetie-- my two little darlings.

Ok, Marathon Man, that was a test of endurance.
You rock my world.

Cheebus and rice with chocolate
and a little pho on the side.

Later On Dude.


mme x said...


dude and disenchanted:

late night commercials

women with decreased sexual desire
a little breast cancer offensiveness from the Independent (the left will never get it I'm afraid)
online and tv line disappointing
hopefully a lunch or two
maybe a little sax
by memory.

thinking of you both, the mme.

Slarry said...

Dudes and Dudettes:

MME, you crack me up. : )
So glad you are in "the other city" with Mr. J and the disenchanted princess.
We don't have pho and only
disappointing conversations here in Zion. : )
Ah, there is the rub ....
Please take care of yourself
while you so graciously watch over the little ones
in their new digs.

Thinking of all of you.