Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9.12.06 Not a Jip

Don't feel jipped, those of you who follow the blog regularly. Today just wasn't very writerly. Though if I had any intuition I might predict insomnia and much gets written in the wee sleepless hours. Just, also, that today's Franky Scale was about a 5, never quite got on an even keel. Most of the day was spent between a couple of DVDs I promised to watch on nutritional supplements (related question below), and reading Bertrand Russell's autobiography and then part of Deleuze and Guattari's A Thousand Plateuas: Capitalism & Schosophrenia. (A day spent with those two means, perhaps, either "ooh, bad sign" or contrariwise "he must be feeling sassy." I won't tell.)

So, has anyone heard of "glyconutrients" and if so what do you know? (Besides the giver of the DVD; but thank you for thinking of me.) A related question: the health-renewing properties of aloe vera?

More later, but the immediate saddening aspect, and one that decreases the credibility of such a company as produced the DVDs and sells the glyconutrients, is that it's an MLM, multi-level marketing company. They never mention the company name and keep a lot of information hidden throughout their presentation. I don't get that approach, like people won't notice...?

OK, I'm for more food and then rest. And while I eat I'm going to watch either Caddyshack, Animal House, or LA Story. So there.

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jen said...

classic choices of movies - any one should be entertaining to say the least. I hope the movie helps you to relax and rest (with some good laughs). Fill your belly and laugh it off!!! :) peaceful rest.