Sunday, September 10, 2006

9.10.06, A Political Interruption

While what I'm suggesting might not be a revolution, big banners, tear gas, thrown stones, I do hope everyone is paying the very closest attention today and tomorrow. We need to think hard and critically listen, to see through the cock-n-bull political stories that will be fed to the public as anniversary gifts of 9-11. I can't not write this hearing what I am in the news.

We will see the mendacious forces of an illegitimate administration — its Bushes, Cheneys, Rices, Rumsfelds, and Roves — take full and cynical advantage of a five-year old world tragedy. Not merely a US event. They will spin the tragedy of thousands and thousands of people in the US, and tens of thousands, if not hundreds, in other countries, to their own domestic political advantage. The US constitution paralyzed, the Geneva Convention gutted, any sensible conception of human rights and international law mocked through hypocritical and selective manipulation. But Bush and his friends will talk of Iraq, and Iran don't forget, of Nazi Germany, of fascism (the form of political state of affairs which the Bush administration most closely resembles [if you honestly doubt or don't know it, look up "Fascism" in the Int'l Encyclopedia of Social & Behaioral Sciences]), and so on ad nauseum. So disgusting I could spit.

I just know that this morning it begins, on the Sunday morning TV circuit. What kind of nightmare administration do we live under? What kind of legacy are we passively perpetuating? Today and tomorrow, I can't help but think, will embody the twisted highlight of a sickening logic to their political power run amok. A ethically lascivious peep-show, the anti-reality hour for oligarchs, soldiers of fortune, and neo-fascists who will stand in a circle watching, their feet continually shifting on the sticky floor.

And you can see it for FREE, just turn on the tube.


tossing salads said...

sorry brother. its been hell here for me at work. i got a verbal warning, for taking a minutes rest, from my new nazi brat (22) of a supervisor. the next step is a written warning, which can lead to my firing. ive been writing, dont laugh please, trying to say what needs to be said without to much anger. ive not stopped thinking about you, just been a bit overwhelmed. i love you and hope this day was a bit better with a franky cocktail.

Anonymous said...

Haven't posted in awhile. For some reason my blogs get rejected so I emailed MJ directly. So I'm in anonymously I hope. 9/11 - Today is hard for everybody but interestly I remember Jones calling from Korea and the disbelief of it all after the towers fell. I was also with him when the Iraqi invasion began and he was livid and said clearly "the is all lies and bullshit!" and he was right. I watched Cheney on "Press the Meat" yesterday and once again J-dawg has it right. The next two months will be about Democrats being weak and "shit your pants America" were all gonna die if Republicans aren't re-elected. I read the blog every day and was back in I-town this weekend. Went to the house where J told me New York stories - while we sat out on the front porch one hot summer night.

love to my boy!

Frank Chiarella

dzd said...

hm, was that a house and porch I might know? not sure about the stories... ;)