Thursday, August 31, 2006

8.31.06, Post Chemo Day

Chemo's done for the day, my Franky Scale is about 5, feeling drained and just wiped out in general from lying all morning with my pot-o-cath accessed, my veins all open. Now my eyes need closing and rest of me needs some sleeping. Rest now, and later tonight I'll get up some details from my labs and my appointment in GI territory yesterday.

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Slarry said...

Keep resting and I hope you get some good sleep.
I have thinking about you a lot lately--
Keep fighting, but give yourself a break and some time to recover.

Do you need any more Gatorade, anything??
A little Erik Satie today-- thank you for that.
It was so calming, I think it lowered my blood pressure. : )
You are in my every thought.

We miss you big guy.
Keep in touch. I feel a little out of the loop.
Love you, brother--- Sheri