Wednesday, August 30, 2006

8.30.06, Another Doctor in the House

I'll put today's Franky Scale at about a 6, since it felt slow and somewhat empty just pouring out time. At four, I went in to meet with another GI doctor to discuss a procedure that might help alleviate some pain, had to wait, of course, and then all the usual meeting with a new doctor routine.

In fact most of it's so routine I can't bear to write details about it tonight, but I'll give it a shot after a.m. chemo tomorrow. What a treat to wake up to. The Disenchanted Princess (have you noticed how many people like to drop the modifier in that title?) has returned to the disenchanted forest that abuts NYC. My studio unshrunk once more, and I return to chemo tomorrow. Then I'll try to get across all the details from Dr. GI about my guts, or "belly" as they like to keep calling it. My "belly pain" — makes me feel slightly infantilized, kind of like being in grad school again.

OK, tomorrow, chemo, Tales of Endoscopy, the GI man and belly pain. All interspersed with a highly philosophical day in general, trust me. Till then.


tossing salads said...

hey brother. just letting you know im still here. reading, and sending my good vibes. im here your there, but i love you and hope it helps. keep kicking somethings butt k? till later.

Mr. Jones said...

Good deal. and I'm still here, just out of the hospital for my oil change, back in my quiet little apartment, ready to chill with a book or maybe hyrdate some more or maybe just crash. That's the point today — it doesn't matter. Thanks for hanging in there with me. -Mr. J