Friday, August 11, 2006

8.11.06, In Search of a Metaphor

Reading: I am searching. Digging around, scratching the surface, poking around in corners, turning the container inside out, shake shake, in search of a metaphor. No, it's more than a metaphor. It's a whole allegory that I need: an extended metaphor. How can I possibly express certain experiences, certain events, I will have to say multiplicities, and do so adequatly and yet with the requisite amount of sensitivity? The only way is with a large, sophisticated metaphor. Where is it? I need it here now. (OK, just sophisticated, large is not necessary, isn't that what they say?)

Reading methodology: Speaking in tongues is about just that, I suppose. One reference from the bible will inspire another reference, they will face each other in a dialectic and work out the meaning. So here's the other one: let those who have eyes to see see, let those who have ears to hear hear. I need that allegory.

Today's gone nicely physically, with Frank and I wandering about SLC doing many errands, some stops for a bite to eat, turkey sloppy joe's at the Roasting Co., or a short visit with more family, and the Franky Scale I'd put at 7. Gorgeous weather, low 90s and not a stitch of humidity. (yes, mixed.) Mountains encircling you, granted they're midgetous compared with Rainier, but still, they do form a large circle. All basically good and I feel well, then I also know that after a whole day of being out and about I do need to rest. It's counterintuitive, it feels unnatural—I'm "otherwise healthy" remember? What ever happened to the otherwise healthy me?! Why do I need to take nap, what about a visit would require any energy, and so on, these are the kind of questions that compose that unnaturalness. My reserves are down though. Not to complain but to point out how strange it seems and how it's not always easy to remember until it's too late and my reserves are all gone. It's tricky, today too, tricky, feels like I'm on the line between just about right and way too . . .

Reading: . . . god, do I need that allegory, it'll start with a small metaphor, a bit, a scrap, just a tiny piece that falls from someone elses's expression, then grow. (I'll try to think. Think think think, a little rest and think.)

PS. too to SLC'rs: it's hectic and too nutty for me to be able to contact each of you individually but there might be a BBQ kind of thing on the weekend, maybe drop a line / email and let's meet up...?

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Frarella said...

Mr. Jones and me.

Back in SLC - so bitter sweet. Two days now with our dear friend - weak, strong, some silence filled momemts of what next? The days are time, time and more time leaking away from us all - precious and painful and yet laughter and humor get us through the wide wide sun soaked streets of slc and mountains that surround the temple's grid on all sides.
Rainier dwarfs them but to this upstate NY flatlander they are reminders of what is on the other side - a future unknown.
The night I arived, SCott picked me up and we turned into Sherry and Stephanie's cute little neighborhood and there were no less than seven police cars blocking all routes in.(didn't tell S and S so as to avoid panic) They wanted all ID's. Some guy with a warrant was in the neighborhood. I thought it may be a symbolism of what was to come. Not a metaphor -i'll leave those to MJ. If it turns out so - I'll post later. I huge shout out to the Steph and Sherri for the best hospitality on the planet - I love you both!
Scott, talk when you want to, where and to whomever....time....time...there will never be enough....ILY