Friday, July 28, 2006

7.28.06, Longish Day

Franky Scale: 6, or 5, but it's hard to tell after such a late night last night.

Apparently I'm not too skilled at "later nighters" now, unless the cause is insomnia. The Disenchanted Princess arrived in town, but on a flight that was about four hours late and didn't arrive at Sea-Tac until near 3 a.m. So today was trying to catch up on some sleep, add up on calories — found a new smoothy store where they have a 1000-calorie and a 1500-calrorie option, and in the early evening picking up new book cases. Future be damned, new bookshelves! (Another line in the will :-) I still seem to keep acquiring books — more Dante, several Fuentes, a random few on Buddhism, one Tibetan Book of the Dead for the hell of it, a couple of cancer books, more Zizek, Badiou, Sarte on Genet, etc. — and I've been walking around these spontaneous stacks of books like a very senior citizen of late. Voila, two new book shelves, a little frosted trim on the glass doors, and tomorrow my apartment will be immaculate.

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Slarry said...

Hey Hey Hey Mr. J:

Oh where oh where can my brother be?
No emails or phone calls
have I received from thee.

I know you are tired
and have a guest,
but please respond
so I won’t be a pest. : )

SAS ( what a poet )

Just sitting here thinking of you...
Hope all is well; that you are getting some rest and recovering
from the airport experience. Drink your fluids. Those smoothies sound yummy.

Love and all of that other mushy stuff--


Congrats on the bookshelves.