Friday, June 16, 2006

6.16.06, The Straight Story

OK, certain completely wild over-statements, not even over-statements, just crazy falsehoods have come to my attention regarding "my condition," and it seems necessary to set the story straight & remind some readers what the original purpose of the blog is. Family members in particular, this is for you.

The real story is that I'm fine, you know, given the larger circumstances. There have been no dramatic changes, no setbacks, no surprises or emergencies, etc. I even feel better than the last few days, don't know if I'd say 7 on the Franky Scale but I do feel better than yesterday, which was probably a low 6. I posted that online, though, you should trust what I put up here; I'm not going to complain constantly ever but I will let you know honestly how things are.

Our family. We all know that the family is not the best at accurately conveying information to each other, and that with a handful to a dozen people involved that's even harder. It's like a game of Telephone gone wild. But that's one reason I started doing the blog, so you could each check in without me calling every individual, and you could see "Oh, some nausea today, too bad," or "Ah, less nausea, new pain meds, that's good," or whatever; and so there is one source of information. Still baffles me how one phone conversation can result in so many fictions. I know people worry, I realize it must be hard to be far away and rely on the blog, but "Whatta ya gonna do?"

Funny, I had to send an email kind of like this, but much more professional in tone of course, to a graduate student last week, just to remind the student that telling other students or faculty "I heard X & Y are happening next year because Prof. Jones is...." Rumors. Not good policy; I thought everyone knew this kind of thing.

Too bad I don't carry as much authority with my family as I do with grad students. Life would be easier. So please don't worry so much, maybe read more carefully instead. :-)


p & m said...

-just kidding. that was something i had said in class a couple of years ago, and got you to crack a smile even in an annoying situation. remember? (tho' you still cut the class short)
everyone just loves you! just be glad you didn't get stuck with a sister like me, or even scarier, sue!! she was strict, boy!!! whew!
but i understand your msg. & i'm glad i rarely/never call! stickin' to the blogs for your peace and quiet. :)

tossing salads said...

the joys of respect for space for my brother. *doing a little dance* (with myself of course). off to the bar tonight. a friend of a friend is 'coming out'. should be an interesting time. a married mom. i know, how weird is that??? i dont know, i have 4 kids. glad to hear that your feeling better. makes the fight a little easier, i hope.

slaps and tickles,

Slarry said...

I get the feeling that almost everyone is now signing in,
commenting, by using the name PISS AND MOAN. : )
or P & M-- whatever. ...
It is a great name-- maybe we should all be assigned a P & M number. The original P & M #1, P & M #2, and so on and so forth.

Poor, inaccurate, exagerated information from OUR FAMILY ?????
Can it truly be true? Can it really be Real ? I've never noticed anything like that-- neither has lefty. : )
Only to the point of ad nausiam !!!!!

Just packing and listening to some good tunes.

Lefty and I will be celebrating Christmas early this year, now that Mr. Jones has a BIG WHITE BEARD and looks like Santa. : )

Neaners to the rest of you-- we are spending it with him--- MR JONES. !!!!

And some wonderful advice from a dear friend, " and savorying every minute of it. " Thanks for the wise tip
Sister Kimster-- I've missed you.

Everyone be good and play nicely and really try and concentrate on decreased nausea.

To my sisters-- Love your guts and we will be thinking of you. Ms. Salad, did say you were getting married to a married woman, or getting married to a bar. ??

Just kidding. To the other Ms. S-- wish we would have had a chance to talk, Thanks for talking care of Ms. Salad Head. All you need is love ....
Mr. J== sleep well, babe.

Peace and Love--- oh, and Merry Christmas.


Slarry said...


For he is wise, if I can judge of him,
And fair is he, if that mine eyes be true,
And true he is, as he has prov'd himself;
And therefore, like himself; wise, fair, and true,
Shall he be placed in my constant soul.


With planes and wings of flight, with cars that hug the road, with much delight
- we are on our way to Mr. Jones.
To the Pugent Sound, to the City by the Bay-
we come your way.
Seeking conversation, hearing what we can learn--
Mr. Professor, you rentlessly, so honestly teach us, ( whether you know it or not )
And we are all the better for it. We will enjoy the ride.
A little music, perhaps, to calm, inspire the heart and send it soaring.
You are my gift.
For you are in my constant soul-- forever and always.

Loves to you--

Larry and lefty

spacely said...

Spacely here...I just love to text you from different phones, to not let you get to set in your ways. Keeps your mind a thinkin and hope it gives you a liitle smile at both ends. aAd as a great philosopher (kerry) said to me ... SMILE it makes your butt tingle. Are you feelin it?! I know I am !!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)I know i'm psycho but you love me.....

spacely said...

That blog was a special one for deborah and spot and of course I screwed up my spelling AGAIN!#?*

tossing salads said...

you spacely are just crazed. howd the shower food go??? did we help???

larry and lefty, have a safe trip. sorry ms. s hasnt gotten back to you, still trying to get over the mono bug.

spot, a tie, how cool is that. they (usa) are still in the hunt.

have some fun if your up to it tonight. never made it to the bar last night. my woman slept almost 10 hours last night, asleept again. shes way to old to have the mono bug. love ya loads,