Monday, June 12, 2006

6.12.06, Return to Seattle

Nothing of note today, mostly packing, waiting, flying, waiting, and then walking in to a dirty apartment. Salt Lake to Seattle. Easy to sum up. Two odd things, though. The first is that Seattle actually is kind of humid and with my slow acclimation here over the past three years I've never really noticed — until today, when compared to Salt Lake I can actually feel the stick in the air on this kind of almost rainy evening.

Second point has to do with the Franky Scale. My body felt like a 7, but then my mind about my body felt more like an 8 or so. Strangest thing, but sitting in the airport and even getting ready at my sister's place and packing up I felt more of a disconnect between my brain and my Sickness. The chemo drugs are still the same (as far as I know), they still bother my stomach a bit, still some nausea, and then at the airport and on the plane things seemed better than they have. Maybe it was future-tense cat presence my body could sense, something about "one's own place," or something unusual going on inside me. It's vague, I know, but the change seemed worth noting.

Something meatier will come to blogland this week, too, I'm sure.


david said...


Salt Lake City to Seattle, what a journey, and what a journey!

Feels like you're back to this reader, but it's been just three years there. Does it feel like you're 'back' to you, I wonder. And the cats!

Welcome 'back'!

Slarry said...

Welcome Home Mr. Jones. -- Home, your own space, your cats-- all things comforting and irreplaceable.
And yes, my hair can attest to Seattle's humidity. How long has it been? 3 years? I looked even more like bozo the whole time we were there. I love Seattle.
Hi to the cats-- hope they are feeling better.
Your tub misses you, and the dogs are beside themselves-- and you are right, Max does sneak in to your room.
Good thoughts and stools for tomorrow. I hope your care giver is cute.
I'll be thinking of you.
Let us know if you need anything and how it goes.

Much love, from sleeply in Salt lake--

piss & moan said...

hello son saeng nim!
i hope your visit in slc was good, and your return home even better. i am finally settled in and my computer at home is up and running...fortunate for me, not so lucky for you, since i am the "piss and moaner" ;)
or should i just say "piss", without the "moan" these days? - oohhh, getting too personal!
oh, mentioned to my sister about your trip to friday harbor, and she says to tell you, "how stinky of you to *&!@#$, while she has been 'starving' since you last saw her!" i was almost embarassed to mention it, but thought you might get a chuckle...i did; especially coming from her!!
hope this rain doesn't bother you too much. i actually enjoy it, but then again, i've only lived here for close to 17 years!
hope this week goes well for you!

tossing salads said...

good thoughts to you this day and everyday. missed your face but loved hearing your voice. make sure they give you the right 'bag'.