Saturday, May 06, 2006

5.06.06, The Blogshirker

Alas, today's gotten away from me. Franky scale: 7, not too bad. But ask me again after we return from the craps tables tonight. I figure with the luck I've been having lately I should get lucky at some point soon.

Frank: (from his dais of sleep) "Man, I was really getting something accomplished in my dream. It's like sleeping a submarine: the elevators, all these noises in here, it's really amazing. I was really getting something done though..." (cell phone rings, very hip song I can't identify; we lose the prophetic voice...)

In any event, we're going to eat some Ezelle's Famous Chicken, hit the tables, and no doubt mayhem will ensue. Last night turned out to be a simple Italian dinner, wouldn't knock your socks off, but all right for just here in the neighborhood. The place began to close in on me though--could've been just me, but--the noise in there was incredible and the loud-talking, competing just to be part of the conversation at your own table. Too much. We switched to Bauhaus, a cup of tea, off to bed. Sleep was elusive and I did work for a while on Pt 2 of the Do Not Go Gentle Exegesis, but it's still in rough form. Tomorrow, I predict, will be a literary day. (Frank's conversation has now turned into GC-ing, details, and "moments"--even on Saturday, even immediately post-nap, he slips in the Howard Roark mode.)

Blow on the dice for us.

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Anonymous said...

it was definitely noisy in the restaurant, the food was ok, but the company and conversation was a blast! i'm gonna do better than blow on the dice, i'm gonna "give you my dream" k-style...hope you hit it big and double more than what i made!! did you see my mom out there?!! :) GOOOOOOODDD LUCK to both of you!! hope ezell's doesn't give you the runs... :( yikes!