Thursday, May 04, 2006

5.04.06 [Guest Blog], The Pharmacy at the Foot of the Bed

Guest Blogger for the day

Today, Mr. Jones asked me if I would post on his blog. I was reluctant at first but then I was flattered and thought it might be interesting to provide another perspective to this unfolding story.
To begin, I arrived late last night at the Airport and Mr. J was waiting for me outside . It has been three years since I have seen him. Surrounded by Seattle police, who patrol the drop off and pick up areas like Nazis, we embraced each other and I probably held on longer than I should of but the police could wait. I was back with my dear friend.
My first impression was how good he looked. From his earlier blog I have to agree I actually think he has more hair!
Upon returning to his apartment, I was immediately reminded of all the previous apartments he has lived in. Books, Music and Communist icons. What’s new this time are the gallons of Gatorade, protein drinks and the small pharmacy that sits at the foot of his bed.
We talked for hours and he brought me up to speed on his new regimens, schedules, pain management and of course the famous “third nipple.” Exhausted, we called it a night and I then I fell asleep with Icarus leaning against my head.
This morning we got up and Mr. Jones made some awesome coffee, evidently this town is notorious for it’s coffee? I had two of Nadine’s bran muffins that were delicious.
This is Mr. Jones’ second day of chemo (since IV) and he was in good spirits. He had a lunch meeting at the University so we headed over to school were I met some of his fellow professors and I saw his office which was full of books and a beautiful view of the blooming trees on campus. While Mr. Jones had his power lunch, I had the pleasure of
having lunch with his fellow professor and good friend The Mac Daddy. We shared our thoughts, fears and admiration for the brave fight our fellow friend was battling.

After lunch I drove Mr. Jones home and it was evident that the chemo has effects. He was tired. He lay down and took a nap, drank more Gatorade and monitored his temperature. The boy is on it!! He takes care of himself and he has friends in this town that are wonderful.

The editor of this blog gave me free license to write what I wanted. So I will be frank! I am in awe of his strength, his genuine love for his family and his friends and of course his beautiful mind which is enduring the greatest challenge ever ! We all love Mr. Jones…..but today I respect him more than I ever thought was possible.

P.S. He says he’s a 5 on the Franky scale. I give him a 12


David said...

Good to hear, to read, to be there though at this and all the other distance. My first ever "Blog" anything. I give him a 12 too!

Anonymous said...

Nice job with the blog. If you need a drink - I'm your girl.

Anonymous said...

i'm rather curious about who "anonymous" is--a seattle person i suppose? a person who offers a drink, no less. but a person who remains anonymous. hm. maybe i can do some back-blog research and make some guesses..... Mr. Jones.

dzd said...

well I am a regular reader of this blog, sometimes twice a day if you must know. it's comforting to hear your 'voice' Mister Jones, and to know that your sense of humor and intellectual spark are intact. you are handling all this like a true champion (don't forget to eat your breakfast of...). it is also great to hear the Franky voice - it's been far too long (sorry, did I blow your cover?). so glad he's there visiting you. and way to go setting boundaries about phone calls. oh how I do recall the other Swaners and their love of phone calls at all hours (fondly of course). miss you. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

well, i wasn't the "anonymous" that offered drinks....but i'm definitely lining up the FUN!!!! plan is confirmed and on! hope you follow through and rest up, because it's cinco de mayo and the girls are gatherin in their dragon gear and ready to go!!! ring me franky hot too? :) where does he rate on the scale?!!

tossing salads said...

bro, im so comforted to know of the love your friends have for you. i never thought different cuz of the man that you are.

today is cinco do mayo which means the ali is 5. a family outing(ahahaha)for this evening. should be the usual suspects.

so dzd who might you be?? fondly (?) remember phone calls at all hours??? where are you, who are you, if you had calls at all hours then you are someone special, not many get that gift. ;)

off to work


Slarry said...

Hey Mr. Frank and Mr. Jones: So good to hear that Frank, of the franky scale, is there, in all of his glory, in Seattle with my lovely brother. He's My Favorite! : ) Also, so grateful to hear from another familiar voice of my favorite flower- dzd. I love you guys and miss you so so much. dzd- lefty and larry send their love, support and well wishes, as you and your family battle with your own befuddeled, tragic situation. We love you.
franky, great substitute blog-- it is so "you." I can attest to the fact that franky is most definitely "hot" as well. Wowzeer. Steph says, with soft lips as well. : )
Just a little in my own defense, as one of Mr. Jone's sisters-- I was NOT the one who called him oh so early in the morning. However, I do, and will forever nag him about his food and fluid intake. So here's to boost, gatorade and mole suizes from the great RED IGUANA.
No words of wisdom from me today. Just great gratitude for all of you who love and support and care for my brother. Mere words are not adequate enough to express my thanks-- what a comfort you all are. You are HUGE.
And to the lovely Mr. Jone's: I love you infinite numbers and can only echo the words of franky. Your courage and strength continue to amaze me. As always, I am in awe of you. Miss you more, love you more and am anxiously awaiting my turn to be with you. Monkey Man, Protonix Man-- one of your goofy sisters is creating a fuzzy creature of comfort for you. Try and treat her with gentle hands and words. My words fell on deaf ears too- but her gift stems from deep love. (though it is, dare I say, a little like angel moroni. So, as he blows his horn-- you blow yours; louder, stronger and oh so eloquently.
We love your guts-

Sheri, Steph, Phoebe, Sydney and Max
( and no, they didn't steal or chew any of your precious socks. ) : )

Anonymous said...

It's me - the one with the good zip code. DUH

Anonymous said...

Point of clarification. The original offer of drinks was from me, with the zip code. AND the offer was to Franky - not you Mr. Jones... sorry.

dzd=daisyzoedailey said...

the Angel of Moroni blowing his own horn... now THERE'S something I'd like to see ;)