Saturday, April 29, 2006

4.29.06, Protonix Man Returns!

So Protonix Man has returned, meaning today chemo begins once more, and I woke up to take my Protonix ultastomachprotector pill. Then onto the more rigid schedule of meals, Xeloda, B-6, and so on. I am still waiting for my goddam cape with a large "P" on it.

Most noteworthy of all: I slept through the entire night last night! The first time I've done that in over a month, first time since the diagnosis. Life never ceases to amaze.

[midday Franky Scale report: 8. it's almost like an eigth day with no chemo drugs, but i did have to start them up again this morning, so back into chemo space for me. my doctor told me at the outset "We'll give you as much chemo as we think you can handle, you'll feel some side effects, hopefully adjust a bit, then we'll give you some time off. You'll just start to be feeling better, then we'll start chemo again." it's such a thoughtful way to move forward. --he is a really good guy though, despite my sarcasm-coping mechanism.]

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Slarry said...

Mr. Protonix man left on a jet plane today, early this morning. From the "everything comes in three's" blog, I am one of his sisters. It was difficult to watch him fly back to Seattle ... always wanting him to stay a little longer. This was an exceptional visit filled with bitter sweet moments.
Mr. Protonix is still jogging, though he tires easily. I am in awe of his strength and courage. ( I can barely walk up our stairs to my bedroom without thinking I'm going to have a heart attack ). So, in his honor,
I will quit smoking, I will get healthy-- make my body a temple. : ) I know I should do these things for myself, as well-- I just happen to like him better. What a silly thing to say. Have a nice flight, my brother. We enjoyed your being here. Thanks for leaving the M.O.M. -- now I know for sure you will return. : ) But I will also make that giant leap and fly up to be with you. We both will. So keep the coffee pot on. And I promise, I will try not to speak of food. Well, except for dining at THE FLYING FISH.
Much love and high hopes for Tuesday. For all those in Seattle and the other significant's flying in to be with and help care for the Spot, I thank you so very much.
All my love and stools,