Friday, April 28, 2006

4.28.06, Coming in Three's

[The confused are admonished to reread and pay attn to editions in brackets, this post is not nearly as risque as one might think. -Protonix Man]

Today is the last day of no chemo-drugs, or rather the week-long break from the drugs. I have noticed feeling better, stronger, faster, as the no-drug days progress, which seems about right--start to feel better and then we change your oil again, is roughly what my doctor said (the good doctor, not the master of legerdemain). More on this in a moment.

Three Comments: Anything that smacks of sexuality or even sexual innuendo seems to go over big with the kids. My friends included. After my last post I received at least three emails or comments--"He said 'wood'"-- once they see the word "wood" they just can't resist. One or two comments you can read here, the other best comments was sent privately, which was probably wisest: it related to medical experimentation, tingly-ness, visual distraction, rhythmic skin stimulation of areas of the body not affected by the pain--all suggestions found in the "Pain Control" book, I swear [Said friend lives in NY]. One other person suggested a wood scale be added to the blog [Said friend lives in So Cal.]. My deepest apologies but since we already have the Franky Scale and the Pain Scale & I'm afraid a Wood Scale would just confuse the doctors. (BTW#1, this same nameless friend, who should have a superhero name if I could come up with one--ideas?--, is also a professor type who has been known to teach in front of 150 students with, how shall we say, aesthetically evocative pants on, and though such would usually be accompanied by a thong, she has been known to forget said item. Silly, absent-minded professors. ;-) don't hate me, big kiss. ) (BTW#2/overall/furthermore, I do have fucking fabulous friends--I'm not usually the overly expressive type but, truly, there's been a lot of love and people have done so much for me. A big thank you, you're all huge. It's true, I can't even tell you.[Such said friends, living all over, have just been good.])

Three Sisters: I have three of these too. I promised to say something nice about Sheri, so Sheri something nice! The youngest has a birthday today, so happy birthday! And the final sister is at the salad bar, or maybe it's work, I get these confused, work first then salad bar (if this latter comment seems juvenile to anyone, you don't know this sister. Gillian's met her.). Hi.

Third topic: No third topic per se. But healthwise, this week has been noteworthy for more than just how much wind I suck running every day at 4000 feet above sea level. The anti-cancer drugs, I'm starting to learn, really do take a toll in terms of energy, motivation, perhaps even mental acuity in the sense that I simply seem to think like a tired person more with the drugs. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours in the Salt Lake Roasting Co, the cafe where a good chunk of my dissertation was written and I used to get free coffee for reasons I'll explain in some other innuendo filled story [3 or 4 year-old story, btw], and for those two hours I felt clear, on my game, able to work (some writing/editing), good all around. One drawback to such moments is how they are accompanied by a certain nearby fragility, a kind of pre-longing that seeps in when knowledge slips in through the concentration barrier. Somewhere in my head there is an egg timer, quiet but steady. Still worth it however. The rest of the day was spent with a friend from very way back, great time together, but trying to stay "on" for five more hours was too much [Said friends: Kenyon, Randy, and Kenyon Jr.]. All told the day was about a 6, Franky.

In terms of energy and what I'll call physical "normalcy" for lack of a better term, the past few days have seen improvements. Even running at this altitude I feel like my body will do more, like I could push it harder if that were my goal. Then in terms of work ability, concentration, and managing general side-effects, this week has also taught me a lot about how to work, what is too much, when to kick off, etc. At this point, too, the books and alternative advice has started to come in: everything from the power of positive thinking, to natural healing, to herbal supplements (multi-level marketing comes free of charge), to other hospitals, clinical trials, and so on. For "motivational" reading I might just stick with Kafka, Burroughs, and Beckett (the past two weeks anyway), but all suggestions are welcome. Two days till Seattle, two days till two cats, thanks again G.

More anon.

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tossing salad said...

this is you sister sue. have chosen this moniker in honor of my new status as an out lesbian mom/grandma. you have enlightened me yet again as to lesbianism. since brother dear you are a lesbian. you enlighten me in many areas always. love ya dearly