Monday, March 22, 2010

Plagiarizing, Copyright Laws and Permission

Monday March 21, 2010

To who it may concern:

This is to inform the "anonymous" person or persons PUBLICLY,
That this blog, written by my brother, Scott H Swaner belongs and is entrusted to me, Sheri Swaner, the Administrator.

ALL Comments, posts anything and everything written from the day Scott began this blog:
Poetry and Cancer
are copyrighted. NONE of his posts, or mine, the one's following his death,
are to be used or borrowed for monetary or non-monetary gain or purposes
without consent from me, ever.

I have noticed that the font has been changed, worse still, many "comments" have been deleted from his blog, especially
his posts during the months he was dying of pancreatic cancer.

Please be aware that this will NOT be tolerated and you will be pursued, fined and contacted with and by every legal
authority possible.

I hope this is clear.

The "comments" are part of Scott's story. It is a story and blog of purpose, love, hope, family friendship loss and suffering.
It is filled with a unique voice of a brilliant,
dying man confronting a foreshortened life.
Who do you think you are to trifle with, taint, plagiarize or alter his blog?

Please realize you will be punished and pursued until this matter is rectified.

If you have any questions I can be contacted through the blog
and by email:


Sheri Swaner
Blog Administrator

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