Wednesday, November 08, 2006

11.08.06 Shaking Your Head from Side to Side

About all one can do after seeing the Democrats with their success last night, and still this morning. Rumsfeld's departure, apart from being 6 years late, was the best goddam thing that's happened in US politics in a long time. That raises my Franky Scale a full point, regardless of my health. I just read that Bob Woodward book that came out recently, State of Denial, and the thing outlines Rumsfeld's below-the-belt, unethical, sucker punch Machiavellianism quite effectively. Reading it was a strange exercise in slow masochism. One of the greatest problems, I'd say ethically but many of you might call it morally, with this — he never gave two shits about how many lives his megolomaniacal decisions and behavior cost. He was a breed apart.

Let the subpoenas begin!

A different note. One point up on the quality of life for a day. I'd been planning of writing about a new side effect — some genuinely exciting blog news, right? Something I thought a few of you would want to follow, however. As a result of one of my new drugs, I believe it's the oxaliplatin (or is the targtargetedrapy drug tarceva? I'd better check), I've been getting some increasingly sensitive skin issues. Acne like spots appearing to provide me with a (false) bloom of youth, reddish blotches too. The latter are small enough to look almost like acne, and both types of spots, if left alone, are inconspicuous enough to not cause a stir, but rather they seem to give me more color. Or just draw a second glance.

Why do I focus on this? One reason is that I was warned about it, but also told that -if- these side effects occur there is a greater likelihood the drug is working. No promises, mind you. We never get those. But I definitely have the side effects and they are conspicuous enough for me. Therefore I'm hoping for some positive effect from that one drug at least. To have some success in my treatment/s right now would be quite a pleasant surprise.

After the shake-up of Washington's primary evil cabal (yeah, don't get too comfy with the Dem's either I'd say), maybe there is some bit of room to hope. In any event, I almost shit myself this morning when they threw in the bit about resignation among the standard election talk.

Franky Scale = 7.

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Slarry said...


Oh, Donny Boy
The fifes, the fifes are calling
From hill to glen
and down the mountainside

Bye Bye Rummy:

Road Maps bids a long overdue and not-so-fond farewell to SecDef Donald Rumsfeld.

“How he held on this long we'll never know. However, we do know it is a good thing for him that he's old enough to collect social security. Given the portrait of him painted by Bob Woodward's most recent book, State of Denial, Donny-boy is going to have trouble getting a job as a sanitation engineer. “

From: Slarry and Lefty
Mr. Jones:
We are so happy this raised your franky scale.
It raised ours too.