Sunday, October 15, 2006

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OK, parental/sororal visits are demanding, at least in terms of focus. In addition, I'm w/o any internet service right now so get any posts up is miraculous. So the bare bones. Spacely posted a quick summary of her take on her few days here — my mom is still here, so we must await her guest blog or report. She will go back and report, I'm sure. Franky Scale, today maybe a 6, really up and down with the long-hours of moving (on that next para below). Moving day was not too bad at all FOR ME. With all the help it was the easiest move I've probably ever had. Some of the karmic cycle, must be. That day may have been more of a 7 until the end of the day, when the quick wind down must take place. That's natural.

Moving: a huge and wonderful thank you to the hearty souls who spent their Saturday moving over here. From one floor to another, one view to another, one space to much more. The latter being the best aspect of it all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Pizza and beer — I think there was not a single beer had by any mover-friends, which disturbs me a bit — are hardly enough. Like I said in the invite, however, you will receive some life-lessening in the big wheel of recurring-life game. It's all arranged.

Restaging: the film has been shot, number requested in blood work, etc. so now Monday morning I go meet with Dr. Whiting and we "restage" the damned cancer. We hope, too, that it is has been damned. No more, thanks. Whether I post again tomorrow at any point or whether it has to be in another day or two, based on cable/internet hook-up, I'll give the full details on where it's going now, how it's getting there, or whether.

Too, p.s. to other family, please don't be worried or be impatient if I'm not able to talk on the phone every day or even days at a time, there's a lot going on. Think about hosting mom, in your house, which some of you have done.... that should be sufficient explanation even without moving.

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