Friday, September 22, 2006

9.22.06, Return to the Sopranos

I've arrived safe and sound, back on the East coast for a few days, for Coltrane's 80th birthday, time in the city, and to see if I can't find a disenchanted princess in the woods of Long Island. All the travel today went off very smoothly, not extra liquids or questionables in my carry on. The Port-o-Cath did not set off any alarms. (It has only done that at one airport, actually, where was it? JFK...from Seattle once? Can't recall.) Today was safe.

Reporting a Franky Scale on a travel day is pretty strange, it was quite high during my naps on the plane, dipped at other times, but really things have been pretty good today, especially for day one after IV chemo. Before the cancer life began I would rarely if ever sleep on planes, just couldn't do it. Now, I get on the plane and the engines are like a lullaby. The plane moves and I'm out. Today, too, same deal. OK, enough travel agent talk. Time to rest up for Joe Lovano tomorrow.

[P.S.] And after catching up on some of the season six Sopranos, I just have to say there is some strange directing going on, around episodes 5-7 or so. I'm partially on the edge of my seat, partially just going "That's it?" More to come.


Slarry said...

Hello My Brother and The Disenchanted Princess:

Just a gentle, loving reminder:

and then even some more fluids. : )

Perhaps a little shocked that you would
even consider watching THE SOPRANOS without
Lefty and I ( just kidding ) and totally agree
about the definite turn in direction mid season six.
Whadya gonna do about it ?

Have fun, take care. Oh, and drink plenty
of fluids.

Love you bro, always-


david said...

Do keep an eye open for the Mrs., who is down there in The City for a couple of days on College business. (I think Mrs. rhymes with business, if you ease back on it just a bit.)
Coal Train, his wild way with Greensleeves.
And of course Leadbelly, we are talking about music here?, in the middle of that recording, the middle of the twelve-string absolute knuckle bone rag, when the bunch of us are sitting around in the room with guitars in our laps listening and trying, and he says on that record, right there in the middle of this beautiful complicated run, "It's so easy when you know how."